Seeking an efficient and accurate traffic enforcement solution in Estonia

When Estonia gained independence in 1990, it experienced a significant rise in traffic volume. With this came a sharp increase in traffic accidents and road fatalities. In the summer months, the Estonian Road Administration (ERA) began to report up to 10,000 fines per day.

Estonia set out to address this national – and global – problem. Around the world, red light violations, speeding, and driving in lanes reserved for cyclists or pedestrians present serious safety hazards. About 1.2 million people are killed in transport accidents each year – mostly in road traffic accidents.

This figure represents almost as many people as the Estonian population. In Estonia specifically, between 1992 and 2012, the nation recorded a total of 36,307 traffic accidents with casualties; a total of 45,589 people were injured during this period, and 4,341 people were killed.

The system is working, and very little human intervention is needed as the process is largely automated – it’s a fast and efficient solution.
Toomas Kaarepere Head of the Traffic Division within Estonia’s Police and Border Guard

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