Asecap Days 2023

ASECAP Days 2023

Theme of the 2023 ASECAP Days:
Mobility: A Right for Citizens – How to ensure sustainable financing to provide inclusive & net zero mobility solutions

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The Relevance of Toll Enforcement

Toll enforcement is crucial for tolling systems to ensure the effectiveness and fairness of the systems. By implementing effective enforcement mechanisms, toll authorities can discourage toll evasion and promote compliance.

Toll enforcement also contributes to traffic management and the reduction of congestion. By ensuring that all users pay tolls, authorities can more effectively manage traffic flow and resources, leading to improved road use and reduced congestion on toll roads.

Mobile toll enforcement strengthens your tolling

Mobile enforcement offers many advantages over stationary control. First and foremost, flexibility, which allows the inspection to be carried out at any time and from any location.


VITRONIC’s Enforcement Bar is a fully automated license plate recognition system that is integrated into the latest-generated siren system on patrol cars, developed to control toll collection. It captures both moving and stationary vehicles as they pass and reads their license plates. The number plates can be captured and read when vehicles are stopped or moving at full speed, depending on the application.

To learn more about the Enforcement Bar and our mobile enforcement solutions, visit us at ASECAP Days in Istanbul.

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