Photovoltaic Inspection

Photovoltaics Production without manual visual Inspection using cutting-edge Machine Vision Systems

Optical quality inspection is critical for high-quality and uniquely classified products in photovoltaics production. With 30 years of experience in industrial automation and almost 10 years in photovoltaics production as well as more than 1000 successful system implementations at 70+ end customers, VITRONIC has developed the VINSPEC SOLAR product line to provide a customized inspection solution for every relevant production step.

VITRONIC offers solutions for the inspection of:

  • Wafers
  • Cells
  • Modules
  • Thin-film

Automation gains increasing importance in photovoltaics production. The goal is to reduce production costs and throughput times while simultaneously increasing product quality and enabling unique product classification. The answer: VITRONIC's reliable and efficient machine vision systems. Using high-performance cameras, custom lighting concepts, and matching software modules, wafer and cell defects, but even defects on complete modules (crystalline silicon and thin-film), can be detected down to the μm range – while production lines are running.

VITRONIC's range of services includes:

  • Micro-crack inspection
  • Contour and surface inspections
  • Texture and color inspections for classification
  • Front and rear print inspections
  • Antireflective and coat inspections
  • Electroluminescence inspections
  • Localization for handling systems
  • Assembly control
  • Functional and performance tests

As a leading supplier, VITRONIC offers reliable high-performance machine vision solutions for every relevant production step. VITRONIC is the only developer of machine vision systems who proved that manual visual inspection can be completely removed from photovoltaics production – using reliable, industrial-strength systems with unmatched detection and classification capability.

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VINSPEC SOLAR is the name of VITRONIC's range of camera systems for photovoltaics. VINSPEC SOLAR systems are used in the production of wafers, solar cells, and modules. The range of VINSPEC SOLAR applications stretches from contour and surface inspection to texture and color inspection, print and electro-plating inspection, through to electroluminescence inspection.

Application report - VINSPEC SOLAR - Classification of solar cells
application/pdf / 212 KB
Application report - VINSPEC SOLAR - Classification of solar cells