Verifying Text & Patterns (OCV)

Fully automated, reliable Verification of Text and Patterns / OCV

In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, correct labeling in accordance with legal regulations is essential. Mislabeled products or products with labels that are inaccurate or illegible must not make it to market. A reliable and efficient 100% control is therefore indispensable. With VINSPEC HEALTHCARE, VITRONIC offers a reliable and precise system solution of the highest quality.
Optical character verification (OCV) is used to check that set printed elements on labels or bags comply with specifications. By specializing in the verification of printed text elements, VINSPEC HEALTHCARE achieves inspection speeds of over 1,000 characters per second. The specifications are obtained from PDF templates or golden samples that have been read in.

Verification of characters on IV bags
Verification of characters on IV bags


  • Verification of characters, logos and emphasized  graphics
  • Checks for correct text content and confirmation of legibility
  • Inspection speed of over 1,000 characters per second
  • Compensation of rotations, scaling and displacements
  • Specifications taken from PDF templates or golden samples

Examples of usage:

  • Offline inspection station for pre-printed product labels (roll labels)
  • Inspection station for inline-printed box labels
  • Inspection station for supple pouches with complex printed elements
  • Verification of the backsheet films on thermoformed blister packaging
  • Inspection of printed elements on four-sided sealed pouches

Benefits at a glance:

High process reliability thanks to read rates of up to 100%

  • Compensation of rotations, scaling and displacements
  • High conveyor/cycle speeds
  • Ability to individually adjust the sensor system and machine vision to specific tasks

Compliance with regulatory provisions

  • Conformity with the latest guidelines and regulations
  • Compliance with the fundamental aspects of the FDA regulation

Complete solution from a single source

  • Simple integration into systems, including in combination with code reading and OCR
  • Also available as an independent offline inspection station
  • Seamless product changes and system modifications
  • Automatic teach-in process using single button teach technology
  • Low training requirement thanks to intuitive operation

VITRONIC is your ideal partner for all challenging machine vision activities – worldwide.

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