Code Reading / OCR / OCV

Code Reading / OCR / OCV in the Healthcare Sector

In the medical and pharmaceutical industries, printed elements and labels on products and packaging must be reliably recorded and inspected in order to rule out any product mix-ups due to mislabeling and ensure the traceability of both the ingredients and the end products.

VINSPEC HEALTHCARE code reading, OCR, OCV – fully automated and reliable reading and verification of labels
VINSPEC HEALTHCARE code reading, OCR, OCV – fully automated and reliable reading and verification of labels

The VINSPEC HEALTHCARE optical inspection system provides customers with a reliable quality control. VINSPEC HEALTHCARE offers maximum inspection reliability and read rates of up to 100% for all types of identification and verification tasks for product and packaging labels.
The labels are made up of set printed elements, such as product descriptions, logos, 1D/2D codes, ingredients and graphics, as well as variable data, such as date information, batch numbers, pharmaceutical registration numbers and other individual, production-specific printed elements.  VINSPEC HEALTHCARE uses code reading, OCR and OCV to ensure that the right details have not only been printed but are also verifiable and legible. Optical character recognition (OCR) determines the contents of an unknown label whereas optical character verification (OCV) determines the print quality of a known text by identifying any deviations from a reference image.

The camera-based VITRONIC inspection systems ensure that incompletely or mislabeled packaging and products, as well as dirty packaging and products are rejected in good time. Depending on the requirements, the systems are seamlessly integrated into the automated packaging process. VINSPEC HEALTHCARE also conducts reliable identification and verification tasks if label formats or colors are regularly changed and different print processes are used. It can furthermore reliably inspect objects that are heavily curved, reflective or have distorted print elements. Predefined customer-specific criteria and inspection accuracy are integrated into the planning and design, as are the product types, languages and packaging types.
VINSPEC HEALTHCARE ensures seamless, fully automated packaging processes with a high throughput rate and maximum inspection accuracy so as to avoid dispatch problems, complaints or returns due to mislabeled packaging and products. The machine vision system can also be used to carefully optimize the packaging and printing processes. VITRONIC systems are validatable according to GAMP guidelines.

VINSPEC HEALTHCARE Code Reading / OCR / OCV at a Glance:

  • Recognition of characters (OCR) such as serial numbers, batch numbers, shelf life data, number codes or entire address files
  • Identification of 1D codes (barcodes)
  • Identification of 2D codes (e.g. data matrix codes)
  • Simultaneous identification of different code types (multi-code reading)
  • Verification of characters, logos and emphasized  graphics (OCV)

Examples of Usage:

  • Labels
  • Folding boxes
  • Sealed-edge pouches
  • Bottle caps
  • Ampoules
  • Blisters
  • Cartridges

The Key Benefits for You:

High Process Reliability Thanks to Read Rates of up to 100%

  • Compensation of specific surface structures or print elements through task-specific image preprocessing, including in the case of:
  • identification tasks involving highly reflective or bent surfaces
  • transparent packaging
  • the simultaneous identification of, e.g., several codes (multi-code reading)
  • High conveyor/cycle speeds
  • Special lens for 360° label reading at any point on the object
  • Ability to individually adjust the sensor system and machine vision to specific tasks

Complete Solution from a Single Source

  • Simple integration into systems
  • Also available as an independent offline inspection station
  • Seamless product changes and system modifications
  • Automatic teach-in process using single button teach technology
  • Low training requirement thanks to intuitive operation

No matter what your read task requirements, VITRONIC is your ideal partner for all challenging machine vision activities – worldwide.

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