Small Defects? Big Impact.

There must be no compromises when it comes to product safety. This is top priority in the pharmaceutical industry and its associated packaging industry. Strict statutory regulations require compliance and high quality standards must be fulfilled throughout the entire process chain.

Companies that produce products that affect a person's daily life must always keep an eye on the tiniest of details in the production and packaging process. After all, these details can have a major impact on the quality of the product, and in turn, on the health of the patient.  

VITRONIC's strength lies in detecting these tiny details, offering high-end systems for automated quality inspection in the pharmaceutical industry. They can detect particles as small as 0.2 mm in size or reliably inspect products within 0.12 seconds. The result is 100% quality.

Learn more about how you can achieve efficient and reliable quality control with our integrated system solutions and fulfill increasingly complex inspection requirements of the entire production and packaging process.
More safety. Better Health

Multiple inspections. One result. 100% quality.

0.2 mm – particles don't need to be any bigger for VINSPEC HEALTHCARE to reliably detect them. A 100% inline inspection takes place both during the inspection of empty glass vials and during the filling and capping process. Even the smallest details can have a big impact on the health of the patient.  
More safety. Better Health

Quality control that's more than skin deep

0.12 seconds – enough to give a patient peace of mind for a lifetime. VITRONIC optical inspection systems for transdermal patches detect smallest defects in the blink of an eye, during both production and packaging process. This ensures the highest level of product safety so that products are delivered defect-free to patients.
More safety. Better Health

VINSPEC HEALTHCARE - Innovations for the Pharmaceutical Industry

All VINSPEC HEALTHCARE systems can be seamlessly integrated in production processes and use inline inspection to enable fast and direct feedback. Furthermore, they can be flexibly customized to accommodate a variety of product types.



Dietmar Karepin

Key Account Manager Healthcare

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