Use VITRONIC's Image Archiving System to Analyze the Reasons for No-Reads

VITRONIC's image archiving system is part of VITRONIC's web-based monitoring system. In contrast to scanners, the camera-based identification system delivers images and therefore allows you to analyze the reasons for "no-reads", i.e. objects that fail to be identified.

Image archiving system analyzes the reasons for no-reads
Image archiving system analyzes the reasons for "no-reads"

You can check, for example, whether codes or labels are outside the specification, or if straps are disrupting the read process. Entire processes, print runs or labels can then be improved.

You can also use VITRONIC's image archiving system to view and print images of parcels: as a record for your customers.

The Benefits to you:

  • access via network using any computer and web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer) on a single VIPAC system; an entire hub; many locations worldwide and status information available at all times
  • easy and intuitive to use
  • password-protected access rights
  • 4 modules with one user interface

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