VICAM 3S – The Intelligent Component in Modern Auto-ID Systems

VICAM 3S sets the highest standards in the fully automated data capture of parcels, large letters, and polybags. As the line scan camera of the next generation, it offers numerous innovative features.

Its key feature is its integrated decoding unit that reliably and quickly captures barcodes and 2D codes on packages. As an all-in-one camera system, it offers simple plug & play operation without requiring and additional computing unit. This makes the VICAM 3S an intelligent core component of your auto-ID system, ensuring accurate detection and processing of shipment data.

Innovative design meets optimal functionality – the new VICAM 3S

3S stands for three important advantages: Smart – an integrated decoding unit onboard the camera enables simple operation as a stand-alone system. Small – with a width of only 45 cm and a weight of only 10 kg, it is the most compact line scan camera on the market. Synchronized – the system reads, processes, and transmits the data as goods pass through, scoring points with its optimum read results.

Even at high conveyor speeds and with wider conveyor systems, the VICAM 3S—thanks to its innovative technology—offers superior image quality and reliable data capture. The captured information can be saved by the integrated archiving function for analysis purposes.

The VICAM 3S generates high resolution, in-motion images thanks to high line frequency, high focus range, and extremely efficient LED lighting technology.

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  • The VICAM 3S features integrated image processing technology and offers simple plug & play operation without requiring an additional computing unit. 
  • The integrated decoding unit reliably detects barcodes and 2D codes. It then processes them and transfers the data to the connected goods management system.
  • The VICAM 3S features a small design and is the most compact line scan camera on the market with a width of only 45 cm and a weight of only 10 kg. This makes installation and handling easy, and keeps maintenance to a minimum.