Making roads safer, smarter and more secure

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 was a huge success and delight for VITRONIC and all its peers. Safety, security, road user charging and how it all comes together as the backbone of a smart road network - these were the topics we presented and discussed with our guests at our booth.

At the fair visitors were able to see how our product range can be applied to a host of applications from speed and red light enforcement, average speed enforcement, wanted cars search and border control to electronic toll collection (ETC). Clever back office solutions rounded off the portfolio.

At this point we would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to our visitors and partners. We are looking forward meeting you at the upcoming trade shows 2018!

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Kampagne Interfraffic 2018 EN

Kampagne Interfraffic 2018 EN
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    Gantry-less free-flow tolling

    TOLLCHECKER ROADSIDE is an innovative alternative to gantry-mounted tolling for roads with fewer lanes. The easy-to-install and easy-to-service system identifies and classifies vehicles and is preconfigured for V2I communication.

    Gantry-less free-flow tolling
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    Taking LIDAR to new heights

    The COMPACT CITY HOUSING takes LIDAR enforcement to new heights. The new design operates at up to three meters and includes optional video surveillance.

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    The POLISCAN FM1 is a true multi-enforcement system. Advanced LIDAR tracking and ANPR allow for a number of applications ranging from speed and red light enforcement to security applications like wanted cars search.

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    VITRONIC’s new advanced red light enforcement system can detect several different typical violations at intersections and differentiate between legal and illegal right turns. It can also be equipped with optical traffic light detection eliminating the need to physically connect the system.

  • Safety



    VITRONIC presented its full range of solutions for traffic enforcement to make roads safer. This includes spot speed enforcement, average speed enforcement, the protection of intersections with combined red light and speed enforcement, tailgating enforcement and the enforcement of unauthorized lane usage.

  • Security



    Public safety has become an increasing concern for authorities around the world. With its high-performance ANPR solutions, VITRONIC supports the search for wanted vehicles and the control of secure borders.

  • Road user charging


    Road user charging

    VITRONIC’s electronic tolling solutions deliver complete vehicle passage reports straight to the commercial back office. The flexible system can combine vehicle identification, classification, DSRC and RFID communication to fit any free-flow tolling scheme from video tolling to GNSS.