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Smart City Form

Smart City Form

Innovative solutions for smarter traffic

Looking forward to Intertraffic 2021

We would have loved to show you our latest innovations at Intertraffic 2020. However, to postpone the event this is the best decision because taking care of people is our highest priority.


We look forward to seeing you healthy and under better conditions in March 2021!


In the meantime, you will find below information on our multiple-application enforcement POLISCAN system and our toll solution based on Convolutional Neural Network.


For any further questions, please contact us directly at sales(at)


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    NEW Tolling detection based on AI

    The approach to detect and classify vehicles with artificial intelligence, combined with powerful hardware, provides a reliable database. AI increases the systems' ability to learn many times over. This makes it possible to recognize the vehicle make, color and model. Optionally, information about the momentary speed of the detected vehicles can be provided.

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    POLISCAN FM1 – all in one

    The POLISCAN FM1 is a true multiple-application enforcement system. Advanced LIDAR tracking and ANPR allow for a number of applications ranging from speed and red light enforcement to security applications like wanted cars search. The possibility to use different housings leads to maximum application flexibility, such as mobile, fixed and autonomous enforcement.

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    NEW simple video red-light

    The technology for monitoring red light violations presented at Intertraffic 2020 is based on pure image processing. It is a very slim system that requires no road-side installations whatsoever. The camera of the red light system sits on a separate mast next to the traffic lights. Installation is simple and the system is extremely low-maintenance.