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FABTECH 2017 – New Benchmark for Automated Laser Seam Inspection

Innovative HDR-HR sensor for inspecting laser seams

Wiesbaden/Louisville KY, October 6th, 2017 – VITRONIC, a global leader in industrial machine vision, will exhibit its optical weld seam inspection system, VIRO WSI, at FABTECH in Chicago. Used by leading automobile manufacturers and first tier suppliers across the globe, VIRO WSI enables efficient, fully-automated and reliable optical inspections of brazed and welded seams. Now the system was complemented by a new HDR-HR sensor for laser seams.

Laser seams are characterized by a very fast weld speed and very narrow seams. The new HDR-HR sensor inspects fine laser and brazed seams at 6m/min inline and with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy.

The most common applications are large-scale bodywork production, tailored blanks, and battery production. The new sensor offers an extremely high resolution and is already successfully used by renowned OEMs and suppliers. This automated inspection solution also boasts user-friendly, intuitive software.

Located at booth B37073 at FABTECH in CHICAGO, experienced engineers from the company will be available to demonstrate the VIRO WSI system and handle all visitor inquiries.

We look forward to seeing you at FABTECH!

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