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Reaching New Heights in Traffic Monitoring

New design for fixed speed enforcement with Compact City Housing
The first Poliscan measuring technology up to three meters high
Ideal for measurement sites with limited space

Wiesbaden, September 19, 2018 – Vitronic introduced Compact City Housing, a new housing for fixed speed enforcement, today at the Poliscan-Forum in Germany. For the first time, it is now possible to operate Poliscan measuring technology on a pole that reaches up to three meters in height. This makes Vitronic the only vendor in Germany that combines a non-invasive measuring system with protection from vandalism at new heights. The new housing's design is a reference to the City Design Housing.

Installation where space is limited

Compact City Housing has been optimized for speed enforcement on roads with fewer lanes. Because it sits atop a pole, it can be installed even in places where space is limited, such as on the sidewalk or at the roadside. And thanks to its height, measurement is not negatively impacted by pedestrians or parked cars. All the benefits of the tried and tested Poliscan technology remain: multi-lane enforcement of all vehicles simultaneously and a dynamic measurement method with evidential pictures taken at the optimal trigger point. Furthermore, its installation height protects it from easy unauthorized access and vandalism such as graffiti and stickers.

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