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The Little Sister of Berlin's Victory Column

POLISCAN RED+SPEED combines red light and speed enforcement to improve greater traffic safety at Berlin's central square.

Wiesbaden, April 18, 2017 – Along with the Brandenburg Gate and the Fernsehturm, Berlin's central square "Großer Stern" with its Victory Column is one of the city's most well-known landmarks. Five major roads meet here, and at times, up to six vehicles travel next to one another because of the outermost two-lane entry and exit points. Traffic lights are responsible for managing the traffic.

At this important junction in the district Berlin-Mitte, the capital city's traffic is monitored by VITRONIC's City Design Housing. The system in use, POLISCAN RED+SPEED, combines the enforcement of red light and speed offenses regardless of the traffic light phase. Measurement is laser-based (LIDAR) across all of the roundabout's lanes. As the only type approved, non-invasive system in Germany for combined red light and speed enforcement, it does not require road-embedded loops or piezo sensors. This means traffic is not hindered during installation or servicing.

In 2016, with 225 traffic accidents (275 accidents in 2015), Berlin's central square was ranked fourth out of the city's top ten traffic accident sites involving personal injury.*

Currently, Berlin uses 13 fixed POLISCAN enforcement systems. They monitor red light and speed offenses at particularly accident-prone intersections and junctions.

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* Detailed statistical figures on traffic accidents can be found in the report published by the Berlin Police Department, "Verkehrssicherheitslage 2016" (2016 Traffic Safety Report). See for more information.