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Newsletter Logistics Automation 02/2017

Dear readers,

Complete and accurate data plays an important role in logistics. As processes become more digitized, data volumes are increasing along with the risk associated with incorrect data. Uniform standards, centralized databases, and analysis tools can make a big difference in this area. But it takes humans to make it all work. They develop the technology and ensure that it is implemented and operated problem-free, on site and in real time. It is only since the emergence of the products-IT-services triad have complete Auto-ID solutions come to the forefront, with the ability to not only capture but also intelligently link data. Find out more in this latest issue of our newsletter.

“Happy reading” from your VITRONIC team!

Overview of Topics

SSI SCHAEFER Supplies Supermarket Distribution Center with VITRONIC Systems

VITRONIC will supply an innovative automated identification solution to SSI SCHAEFER in China. The camera-based systems will be installed this summer to ensure smooth operation in the Suguo distribution center in Nanjing, Eastern China. The Suguo supermarket chain belongs to Vanguard, one of the largest retail companies in China.

It will be equipped with three VITRONIC systems, which can read different address label barcodes on up to five sides of a package before the goods are sent through a shoe sorter. VITRONIC is implementing one system for a high-speed application with a throughput of up to 10,000 packages per hour.

More information is available from oliver.grab(at)

Ten Years of Successful Cooperation with Chronopost

Chronopost, the leading French specialist for express delivery of parcels, and VITRONIC can look back on ten years of successful cooperation in the French market. As early as 2007, VITRONIC installed the first four Auto-ID systems at the Chilly-Mazarin site near the Paris Orly Airport.

In the years to follow, additional Chronopost hubs have been equipped with camera-based reading systems, including sites in northern France as well as other locations. Currently, VITRONIC will supply four new systems to the Jonage site near Lyon and in the region north of Paris, to be commissioned in 2017 and 2018.  With these additions, Chronopost  will have a total of eleven VITRONIC Auto-ID systems  as well as  a comprehensive archiving solution  for the captured data.

For further details please contact pierre.fournel(at)

Inaugural Event at VITRONIC Polska

Following the founding of the Polish subsidiary in March, VITRONIC Machine Vision Polska has now expanded its sales activities to include logistics automation. At the end of May, an inaugural event took place in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, where our Polish sales team presented the benefits of our complete Auto-ID systems. The program also included presentations on trends and developments in the industry.

Prof. Dr. Stanislam Iwan, Dean of the Faculty of Transport Engineering and Economics at the Maritime University of Szczecin (MUS), presented EU projects on “Low Carbon Logistics“ and the positive convergence of economical, political, and ecological interests.

For more information, contact Michał Żuchora at michal.zuchora(at)

Closer to Our Customers: Presenting VITRONIC Australia

VITRONIC Australia continues to move down its path to success in the Australian and New Zealand logistics market. Our branch office has massively expanded its capabilities to market products and solutions for logistics automation in the region. Since the market launch in January, VITRONIC Australia has already implemented initial projects for leading CEP services.

Furthermore, our team has participated in numerous logistics events to discuss trends and developments in the logistics and CEP markets with other companies in the region. An important cornerstone of Australia's growth strategy is a sales team that functions as a strong local partner and works to build long-term relationships with our customers.

For more information, contact Ling Zhong at Ling.Zhong(at)

VITRONIC Partner Grows Sales Team for Spain and Latin America

Continuously high growth rates in e-commerce make Latin America an important growth market.
The sales department at our Spanish partner company, LYL Ingenieria—who serves both Spain and Latin America—has added a new team member as of the beginning of May 2017.

Cristina Murcia Mayo is responsible for Auto-ID solution sales in these territories. We welcome her to the team and look forward to our future cooperation.

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