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VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH

Dear readers,

Online criminals have been sending phishing emails using the names of VITRONIC employees as the sender.

These emails mostly have one of the following subjects Rechnung, Invoice, Overdue Account, Invoice Status, Purchase Order, New order upcoming or Statement in the subject line. Sometimes an invoice number or invoice date is referenced and "Re:" also appears in the subject line. Please do not open these emails!

We would like to explicitly point out that these and similar emails have not been sent by VITRONIC and have not been sent from the VITRONIC network. 

These phishing emails contain a link or Word document. Please do not click on the link and do not open the attachment. We never send invoices for download via links or as Word documents.

As far as we are aware, simply opening these emails does not cause problems, however we still encourage you not to do so.

If you have received such an email, we strongly recommend not to follow the instructions in the text and to delete the email immediately. Do not reply to such emails.

If you have any questions, please do not reply to this e-mail but contact our staff via the usual channels.

Best Regards,
Alexander Bielke
Alexander Bielke M.A.
Data Protection Officer

VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein
Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH
Hasengartenstr. 14
65189 Wiesbaden, Germany

Phone +49 611 7152 664

VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH

Hasengartenstraße 14
65189 Wiesbaden

Phone + 49 0611 7152 0
Fax + 49 0611 7152 133

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Dr.-Ing. Norbert Stein, Gerhard Bär, Dr. Heiko Frohn, Birgitt Stein, Matthias Pörner, Daniel Scholz-Stein
Court of Reg.: Wiesbaden, HRB Wiesbaden 6119
Editorial Staff: Daniel Scholz-Stein (V.i.S.d.P.)

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