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Newsletter Traffic Technology 02/2016


Dear readers,

Welcome to the latest VITRONIC traffic technology newsletter. In this edition, we would like to present you a successful speed enforcement program in Maryland, USA. In addition, we want to take a closer look at our new processing software for traffic offenses. The newsletter also features two practical examples about how our systems are utilized in France and in Luxembourg. To conclude with, there will be a short outlook to one of our most prominent upcoming trade shows.

VITRONIC wishes you pleasant reading.


Maryland‘s SafeZones Program – Automated speed enforcement in work zones

In July 2010, the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) and the Maryland State Police (MSP) piloted the SafeZones automated speed enforcement program. The objective is to protect workers, drivers as well as passengers traveling through construction zones.

In order to ensure compliance with the speed limits, VITRONIC laser technology and cameras mounted on mobile white sport utility vehicles are deployed. The program has achieved impressive results: Since 2010, a major drop down in the percentage of citations issued was registered. Whereas approximately seven out of every 100 drivers in SafeZones enforced work zones were exceeding the speed limit by 12 mph or more when the program began, today less that one driver out of every 100 is receiving a citation.

Recently several counties in Maryland have upgraded to the new POLISCAN FM1. The new generation has a lighter more compact design allowing easier handling of the enforcement system. In the linked PDF you can find more information about Maryland’s SafeZones Program.

POLISCAN OFFICE PRO – New processing software for traffic offenses

With POLISCAN OFFICE PRO VITRONIC has developed an end-to-end solution to efficiently evaluate and process traffic offenses: The software covers the complete processing procedure from case file import to the complete data record for issuing the ticket. POLISCAN OFFICE PRO is equipped with a configurable Graphical User Interface that supports a swift validation of case data.

Moreover, the processing software contains several comfort functions such as passenger masking and the automated reading of license plates. In addition, POLISCAN OFFICE PRO is scalable as well as adaptable and can be easily integrated into existing IT-infrastructures.

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France intensifies autonomous enforcement

In order to extend the nationwide speed enforcement, the French Ministry of the Interior has placed an order for an additional 100 ENFORCEMENT TRAILERS. The autonomous mobile LIDAR systems can operate for a minimum of five days and will mainly be deployed on the French National Road network.

The new order follows up on an initial procurement of 150 ENFORCEMENT TRAILERS placed in April 2015. The systems have proven to be extremely effective with single units documenting up to 2,500 speed violations per day.

The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER is a solution for traffic monitoring that makes zero demands on the local infrastructure. The system can be transported by virtually any vehicle that has a tow-bar and has an independent power supply based on high-performance batteries. An integrated modem transfers case data wirelessly via GSM and enables remote access to the measuring system. The solution can therefore operate autonomously without any human intervention, leading to a significant increase in efficiency.
We are happy to introduce our ENFORCEMENT TRAILER for different deployment scenarios. Just send us a request via sales(at)

Luxembourg relies on VITRONIC

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has decided to equip its roads with VITRONIC POLISCAN SPEED systems. All in all, the ministry of infrastructure will receive 20 stationary systems for bidirectional speed enforcement as well as six mobile units including in-car installation. This decision was preceded by a public tender, in which the VITRONIC-systems prevailed against international competitors.

In July 2015, the Luxembourg Parliament engaged in a traffic monitoring program in order to increase security in road traffic. The locations for the new POLISCAN systems were chosen according to accident data. Luxembourg is one of the smallest territorial states of the world with about 3,000 km national road including highways.

More information about POLISCAN SPEED and its applications can be found on our website POLISCAN SPEED – LIDAR Measuring Technology for more Road Safety.

VITRONIC to exhibit at ITS World Congress

If you want to have a look at VITRONIC’s latest products in the sector of traffic technology, do not miss the opportunity to visit us at the ITS World Congress in Melbourne. From 10th-14th of October, our traffic experts will be available at booth 1913 in order to demonstrate our vast product portfolio.

One of the exhibition’s key attractions will be the ENFORCEMENT TRAILER. This system makes zero demands on the local infrastructure and is therefore ideal for the use in rural roads and work zones. Visitors interested in systems for automating toll collection and enforcement should also stop by, since the company will present its TOLLCHECKER flexible tolling solution. Moreover, you can have a closer look at VITRONIC’s next generation in traffic enforcement – the POLISCAN FM1. This measuring and documentation device for fixed and mobile deployment can be applied to a variety of enforcement scenarios. The multi-modal enforcement capacities of the POLISCAN FM1 will also be a topic in the Safety 2 session of the congress program on Thursday October 13th.

We are looking forward to welcoming you! If you have any questions regarding the fair or would like to arrange a meeting, you can contact us through our website.

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