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Newsletter Industrial Automation 02/2014

Dear readers,

Optical machine vision solutions from VITRONIC have, by now, become an integral part of many areas of industrial manufacturing. VITRONIC also offers expertise in new areas of application, such as the inspection of lithium ion batteries in the automotive industry. In additive manufacturing, VITRONIC is developing innovative solutions, such as a new concept for 3D human body measurement. You'll find more information about automotive, factory automation, photovoltaics and body scanning in this latest issue of our Newsletter.

Vitronic wishes you pleasant reading!


In Review: VITRONIC at EuroBLECH

At this year's EuroBLECH in Hanover, VITRONIC exhibited its fully automated optical machine vision solutions. Among the products on display was the revised and optimized analysis software of the VIRO WSI weld seam inspection system. A large number of prospective international customers were impressed with the user-friendly software after exploring it hands-on via the touchscreen. The VINSPEC system for 100% optical surface inspection also drew a lot of attention. One particular stand-out feature of the system was the ability to replace components quickly and easily.
If you'd like more information, you can speak with a member of our sales team in person or send an e-mail to We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

VIRO WSI Inspects Laser Weld Seams on Lithium Ion Batteries

A leading German automotive manufacturer has placed an order with VITRONIC for the quality inspection of laser weld seams on lithium ion battery modules. These battery modules are used in hybrid and electric vehicles. VITRONIC offers quality inspections along the entire battery production chain, from foil inspection, through cell manufacturing, right up to module assembly.

As a member of the VDMA Industry Group Battery Production, VITRONIC, with its specific expertise, will help ensure the quality of these new production processes.


Robot Cells with Integrated Quality and Surface Inspection to Arrive in China

VITRONIC Roboterzellen bieten eine flexible In-Line-Oberflächenprüfung

VITRONIC has won its first customer in China for its complete VINSPEC robot cell and has already signed the supply contract. In the future, the inspection cell will be used to perform internal inspections on the crankcases of the latest generation of engines built by a premium automotive manufacturer there. The aim is to achieve the German quality standard. The inspection cell is designed to enable additional surface inspections as required. VITRONIC supplies integrated machine vision solutions for standard use in flexible robot cells – entirely from a single source – based on customer needs, implementation environments, and product-specific requirements.
For any questions you may have about robot inspection cells, you can speak to a member of our sales team in person, or send an e-mail to


VITRONIC's Head of Sales for Photovoltaics Becomes a Member of the Board at SOLARUNITED

During the 29th EU PVSEC conference in Amsterdam, the members of the association confirmed that the former IPVEA solar manufacturing association was to be re-branded as "SOLARUNITED". This new name is indicative of the new direction that will be taken by the association. In the mind of the new SOLARUNITED Board Member Richard Moreth, also our Head of Sales for Photovoltaics at VITRONIC, this change represents an important step forward for the organization. Richard Moreth was voted in as the organization's Deputy Chairperson for a period of three years. The main benefit of the new SOLARUNITED brand is that it provides a non-competitive environment for all national and regional organizations that have not yet collaborated in an official way.


New VITUS Body Scanner Sets the Bar High for 3D Miniature Creation

At the fifth "3D Bodyscanning Technologies" conference in Lugano from 21 to 22 October 2014, VITRONIC unveiled the concept of its new 3D body scanner. In less than seven seconds, VITUS BODYSCAN creates high-resolution 3D scans of people or objects. The 3D scans offer extra-sharp detail and contain all color textures. These 100% ready-to-print templates enable the creation of true-to-life 3D photo figurines via 3D printing.