3D Body Scan for Made-to-Measure

Easily create made-to-measure clothing with the Bodyscanner.

A Fit Like a Second Skin

Demanding customers want something special. A tailor-made suit lends a uniquely personal touch. 3D measurement meets the highest expectations of your clothing customers. Time-saving contact-free measurement and valid data in just a few seconds. Leaving more time for what's important — giving customers personal advice and a unique buying experience.

 Body data easy and precise.

A Fast, Easy Route to Made-to-Measure

Taking body measurements and sizes by hand is laborious and time-consuming. It is also inexact and requires close contact. Spending too much time on this task is costly. With the VITUS body scanner, you can measure your customers automatically without physical contact in a matter of seconds. The whole body is scanned in one measurement process, with all relevant body measurements taken. It does not require an additional effort for you or your customers. Precise body measurements ensure that clothes are more comfortable to wear and so customers are more satisfied.

  • 9s scan time

Enjoy the Benefits of Digitization

Taking precise body measurements is very hard, as people can only stay completely still for a few seconds. And accurate results require static measurements.

VITUS BODYSCAN generates data with millimeter precision, which can be used to manufacture made-to measure clothing or select suitable clothing sizes from the product range. Results can be reproduced at any time. The provided software automatically determines the relevant measurements for tailors, dressmakers, and designers. Mannequins based on existing customers can also be created.

  • > 150 body measurements

An Ideal Solution for Many Applications

Serial measurement: Taking body measurements for a large number of people for the purpose of digitizing design and manufacturing processes. Research: Anthropometric studies based on precise measurements. Fittings: Size recommendations based on 3D data, for example, for workwear or uniforms.

VITUS BODYSCAN can be used in many different ways in the textiles area. Which means you can offer customers a range of applications and individual services.

In Brief

Made-to-measure clothing is produced digitally with the body scanner.
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VITUS BODYSCAN takes Made-to-Measure to a New Level

In Brief

  • Customization
  • Fast Capture
  • Maximum precision
  • Easy to use
  • 20 years’ experience in body scanning

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