3D Scanner for Performance Diagnostics

3D body scanners improve the performance of the athlete.

Data — a Performance-Enhancer for Athletes

In competitive sport, constant improvement is crucial. Athletes optimize training programs for maximum benefit. They are always focused on their high goal. Rigorous requirements apply when it comes to supporting and optimizing training. Body measurement provides a very precise, objective basis for achieving greater success. It enables you to get the all important hundredth of a second or the one centimeter out of your athletes.

High-precision body measurement with the full-body scanner.

Data Gold for Maximum Success

To reliably detect physical changes, high-precision 3D anthropometric data must be captured. Body measurements only add tangible value if they meet the highest quality standards. When you strive to lead your athletes to gold. you require a constant, objective supply of data to help support and monitor their training programs.

  • < 1mm precision

Efficient Training Support to Exploit The Full Potential

Having up-to-date, valid data at your fingertips is the real challenge in performance diagnostics.

This allows you to optimize training programs and therapy plans. VITUS BODYSCAN delivers high-precision, three-dimensional data within a matter of seconds. Its clinically tested and reproducible measurements can also serve as a basis for research. Which means you can optimize potential to the max in performance diagnostics.

  • 9s scan duration
3D body scanners optimize the fitness of athletes.

Keep Improving The Competitive Edge

In competitive sport, athletes always have to be on their A game. That means daily training and regularly tweaking their training programs. With the compare function in BIOMECH, the diagnostic software used by the VITUS BODYSCAN, you see all changes at a glance. Run comparisons with training plans and calculate the efficiency of the current program. Work on correct, efficient stance, muscle mass, symmetry and more. Our sound scan protocol was developed in partnership with the IFD Cologne. This will help your athletes stay fit and keep improving.

Body scanners are revolutionizing performance diagnostics.

Optimize the Many Aspects of Sports Performance!

Athletes at the top of their game have to think of everything to stay on top. 3D data can be used in a wide range of scenarios, such as orthopedics, rehabilitation, and posture analysis. It provides valuable information that can be used to determine physical condition and development. Of course, detailed 3D data is also very useful in sports science research.


Medical body scanners provide meaningful performance data.
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3D Scans for a Place on the Podium


  • Precision data
  • Contact-free fast capture
  • Ongoing optimization
  • Scientific quality
  • Many fields of application

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