Vial Inspection

Product Features
Application range Vial formats: 2 ml to 500 ml
Cap diameter: 13 mm to 36 mm
Quick change mirror set Option 1: Mirror size of 23 x 15 mm for small cap diameters 13 - 25 mm
Option 2: Mirror size of 32 x 25 mm for big cap diameters 21 - 36 mm
Cycle rate Max. 10 parts / second, cycle offset
Mechanical Data
Dimensions Diameter 215 mm, height 354 mm
Weight 13 kg
Housing Material Stainless steel (V2A)
Protection class IP66
Electrical Data
Max. Power Consumption 28 V / 10 A, DC
Technical Data
Camera CMOS Color Camera
Illumination type LEDs
Illumination White LED ring lighting, pulsed
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