Pallet Capture

Employees in freight handling depend on transparent data when recording pallets.
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Complete Transparency and Huge Time Savings with Pallet Capture!


In Freight Handling, Every Second and Every Detail Counts

Do you want to accelerate freight processes and capture pallets more quickly without errors? Do you need certified measurement data to put your invoicing on sure footing? And do you want to prevent incorrectly declared freight from slipping through the net? We do too! Our Auto-ID systems provide you with all freight data in transparent data records—and offer a time saving of up to 75 percent!


Our Solutions for Pallet Capture

Infographic pallet measurement: VITRONIC solution for automated processes and certified data.

Freight handling is a complex matter—all processes need to run quickly and error-free. And, of course, a correct invoice needs to be issued to customers as soon as possible. The solution? Certified Auto-ID systems and a clever use of data.

Automation of Freight Processes

Capture Pallets in Just 6 Seconds—in Full!

Our Auto-ID systems enable error-free, certifiable pallet capture. This results in processes that are accelerated to the max.

Even with the VIPAC STATIC PALLETS semi-automated system, you can achieve time savings of 75 percent compared to manual capture. And our fully automated VIPAC IN-MOTION system is even faster.

  • 25 s manual data capture
Automated freight measurement with VITRONIC Auto-ID systems means error-free transparent data.
Automation of Freight Processes

Error-Free Data

Automated freight handling not only results in faster processes. Automation also means error-free capture of all data in a single work step. Every pallet has its own data record. The Auto-ID system can create an optional image of the complete pallet and save it to the archive. It simply doesn’t get more transparent than this.

Auto-ID systems capture:

  • Dimensions and weight
  • All codes
  • Plain text (optional)
  • up to 400pallets/h VIPAC IN-MOTION
Volume measurement pallets: VIPAC STATIC PALLETS for error-free dimensional data Legal for Trade.
Certified dimensioning

Correct Freight Invoicing—Including “Black Sheep”

You need correct and authoritative data when invoicing your customers. Our Auto-ID systems are certifiable (legal for trade). Which means that the measurement data for weight and volume are certified—keeping you on the safe side.

In addition, you’ll never fail to spot incorrect details of palletized freight. VIPAC STATIC PALLETS checks your “black sheep” so that you can then provide the customer with correct, certified dimension data.

  • OIML/MID/NTEP certified
Use the data from the VITRONIC Auto-ID systems to plan loading in containers and trucks with centimetre precision.
Using Data Transparency

Precise Freight Planning

You need reliable freight measurements when every centimeter and every gram counts. You can utilize the data from our Auto-ID Systems to make optimal use of your storage capacity and plan how to load your containers and trucks—with centimeter precision.

As a result, you won’t waste any more precious space and can correctly calculate the freight costs for all means of transport over land and water.

Problems with a shipment? Error-free data records with images greatly simplify your Claim Management, and you can rest easy thanks to seamless track & trace.

The flexible VIPAC system family from VITRONIC optimises processes in the measurement of pallets.
VIPAC System Family

For Efficient Pallet Capture

Our systems adapt to meet your requirements. With VIPAC STATIC PALLETS, you can choose between portal solutions with measuring corridors for one or more pallets or a movable solution that can be flexibly positioned in the hub. Our VIPAC IN-MOTION systems are also available for pallets that are conveyed automatically.

In Brief

Pallet detection in the hub with VITRONIC systems: Fast, automated, certified and transparent.
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Pallet Capture—Fast, Automated, and Transparent

In Brief

  • 75% time saving compared with manual capture
  • Automated capture of codes, volumes, and dimensions
  • Certified invoicing
  • Optimal warehouse and transportation planning
  • Simplified Claim Management
  • Seamless track & trace

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