Mobile Phone & Seatbelt Detection

Effective mobile phone and seat belt detection solutions during driving.
Innovative ways of traffic enforcement

Do you want to reduce accidents caused by distractions?

Until now, the detection of driver distraction has been a labour-intensive process that could not be applied across the board. As a result, distracted driving is a major cause of accidents. The widespread use of mobile phones while driving is particularly problematic, as it increases the risk of an accident by up to 12 times.
To improve road safety, a solution is needed that captures these violations efficiently.

Fully automatic mobile seatbelt detection

Fully automatic precision

In response to distraction-related traffic incidents, VITRONIC has developed a fully automated mobile phone & seatbelt detection system to improve road safety while significantly reducing your manpower requirements. The VITRONIC system works on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is trained using image material to detect violations with high precision across up to two lanes.

AI-based mobile phone & seatbelt detection

Less accidents and lower severity: VITRONIC’s fully automated system uses AI-based software to detect the illegal use of mobile phones by drivers. For this application, the system captures an image or video, including automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). The AI then recognizes windscreens, people, hands and mobile phones in the footage. Furthermore, it registers missing seat belts, a violation that contributes to around 25% of all fatal accidents.

Flexible operation and application

Mobile phone and seatbelt detection anywhere, anytime! The system can be deployed almost everywhere, is easy to implement and cost-effective.

Boost the deterrent effect leading to a change in driver behavior by enforcing mobile phone and seat belt violations - anytime, anywhere! You can deploy the VITRONIC system both mobile and semi-stationary. The stationary use of the system is an easy-to-implement and cost-effective option as it does not require any in-road installations and can be installed on the existing infrastructure.

360-degree services for efficient traffic enforcement

360-degree service for efficient operation

Lower your costs and effort for a driver monitoring system from a full-service provider: VITRONIC not only supplies advanced technology, but also adapts it to the customer's specific needs to ensure the most precise monitoring possible. And that's not all: we deliver implementation, operation and service - simple and comfortable from a single provider. This significantly reduces your costs of deploying this effective solution for detecting distraction and seatbelt violations.

High level of data protection

Mobile phone and seatbelt detection with high data protection compliance and modern encryption technology.

Compliance with data protection standards, tamper-proof case data and a high degree of legal validity: Even the best technology is useless if it cannot be applied due to data protection compliance issues. This is especially important when it comes to image recognition and processing of vehicle drivers and passengers. VITRONIC’s solutions come with a high level of data protection, as data is only captured in case of a violation and is secured with modern encryption technology.

Intelligent detection for less distraction

Seat belt detection VITRONIC
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AI-based mobile phone & seatbelt detection from VITRONIC

Intelligent detection for less distraction

  • Detection of illegal mobile phone use while driving and seatbelt violations
  • High, reliable precision
  • Fully automatic detection without requiring manpower
  • High flexibility due to stationary, semi-stationary and mobile application options
  • Simple, cost-efficient installation
  • Data protection compliant

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