Traffic Offense Adjudication

Complete Solution from One Source

When hardware and software work in harmony, optimal results are guaranteed. With VITRONIC, you get modern measuring equipment and the corresponding software for traffic offense adjudication as a complete solution from one supplier. All solutions are fully coordinated, effective, and user-friendly, making your routine tasks much simpler.

Efficient work processes with POLISCAN software.

Boost the Efficiency of Your Work Processes

Agencies are dealing with growing numbers of traffic violations and cases all the time. The volume of data to be handled is also on the rise. With POLISCAN software for traffic offense adjudication, you can manage growing volumes and an increasingly complex workload. Compiling evidence and documentation is a simple process, thanks to digital support.

There’s also no need for manual retrieval of data from the enforcement site. You benefit from the easy transfer from the measuring system to your agency.

Innovative traffic offense adjudication software

Investment Security for the Future

With VITRONIC measuring technology, you’ll handle all tasks without limitations for years to come and our software solutions are just as reliable. Their web-based architecture guarantees future viability, so your investment is protected. With software solutions from VITRONIC, you’re ready for the digitization of traffic offense adjudication. Thanks to their web-based architecture, further enhancement and interconnection are a given. Which means you can continue managing growing data volumes going forward and are perfectly positioned to meet data protection and security requirements. The transmission and processing of the information is completely data protection compliant.

The Software Platform That Grows with Your Developments

Digitization is transforming entire sectors and organizations. Traffic monitoring is also reaping the benefits.

It doesn’t matter how your needs change—our web-based software platforms provide the basis for future developments. They are equally suited to small or very large numbers of cases. You can also choose whether to use them in a central agency, as mobile solutions, or in home office scenarios. You can also use them to merge agencies in cloud solutions for authorities.

Two Solutions Go Hand in Hand

POLISCAN software is easily integrated

POLISCAN Connect and Office Pro are two solutions that work together for case data transfer and traffic infringement processing.

POLISCAN Connect helps you monitor measuring systems as they operate and transfer case data to the agency. Office Pro lets you import case data from various measuring systems, process images and data, and export data to administrative offense systems. The process is seamless.

In Brief

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POLISCAN Software—Efficient Traffic Adjudication

In Brief

  • Process efficiency
  • Investment and data security
  • Enhancement potential
  • A single supplier
  • Web-based architecture

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