For some customers, it is of critical importance that our solutions are certified. After all, this is often a prerequisite for use in various countries.  One challenge we face in this context is undoubtedly the widely varying laws and standards that we need to comply with in different parts of the world. Thanks to our insistence on high quality standards, we never have any difficulty in meeting the requirements—as evidenced by the many certifications granted to us across the globe. But we want to go even further.

Our ambitions also extend to our service concepts. Which is why we support customers with the extensive experience we have acquired in certification to help them find their way through their own certification processes.

We see certification as an opportunity to document our quality and reliability.

Some of our Certifications

One example from the strictly regulated area of traffic measurement technology is our POLISCAN FM1 combined red light and speed enforcement system for fixed, semi-stationary, and mobile use. It fulfills the essential requirements (legal provisions) and technical specifications required for certification without restriction by Germany’s national metrology institute (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, PTB).

In the area of industry and logistics, our volume measurement systems are approved for certified, application-specific measurement in all regions of the world. These systems have been tested many times by the relevant authorities in accordance with the provisions of the MID (Europe), Measurement Canada, NTEP (USA), and OIML (worldwide) and found to be reliable. As a result, our customers can depend on reliable measurements on all standard forms of transport technology, such as conveyor belts or cross belt sorters. 

Our Sales, Production, Development, and Service departments are certified on a regular basis by independent surveillance audits in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

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