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VIRO WSI: Automated Weld Seam Inspection

The VIRO WSI optical inspection system is an automated solution for serial production that inspects all types of seams after the welding process and inline. The VIRO WSI sensor system was developed by VITRONIC specifically for weld seam inspection. Since it uses laser-based technology, it is non-destructive. The optical 3D VIRO WSI weld seam inspection system inspects all types of seams, irrespective of the weld method used, and identifies defects 0.1 millimeter and larger. VIRO WSI’s broad inspection range sets the benchmark for automated weld seam inspection and automated brazed seam inspection. Here are just a few examples of minor defects in weld seams and brazed seams that VIRO WSI identifies reliably: throat thickness (A dimension), distance in X/Y, spacing edge detection, hole through, burn through, weld connection signal jumps, weld connection angle, weld width, weld length, weld width, weld position for lap welds, seam undercuts, seam position, weld convex or concave, porosity, weld spatter and many more.

VITRONIC’s VIRO WSI inspection system is completely reliable and extremely efficient, even when inspecting complex components that are difficult to access, or flat and reflective seams. The laser-based, optical 3D weld seam inspection system equipped with a sensor, a powerful computer processing unit and a software has been field tested time and again, and is continuously developed.

It has a wide range of applications: In automotive manufacturing, VIRO WSI systems inspect weld seams on axle components and body parts, seats, wheels and exhaust systems. In alternative drive technologies they perform quality assurance inspections of weld seams on Li-ion batteries for the e-mobility industry and weld seams on fuel cells. In the steel construction industry, VIRO WSI’s automated weld seam inspection is used for heavy duty racks, scaffolding and shuttering or steel girders for prefabricated buildings. In these cases, flawless weld seams are vital to structural integrity and a crucial safety consideration. In the engineering sector, the VIRO WSI also inspects weld seams on tailored banks to check they are fault-free.

And VITRONIC’s optical 3D weld seam inspection also comes into its own wherever seams are replaced by adhesives. It inspects sealing beads and adhesive beads in real time, identifying even the smallest particles that could compromise the 100% quality of the adhesive and sealant coating.

VIRO WSI offers a variety of options for reworking. Defective components and seams are displayed at interactive visualization stations during manual reworking. The worker confirms reworked components immediately at the terminal and the data is saved with the documentation in the database. The system uses a specially-developed software algorithm for automated reworking.

VIRO WSI is a reliable solution for improving the quality of products. The system features inline inspection, making it easy to quickly intervene in the upstream welding process. This consistently reduces defects, optimizes processes, and keeps downtime, reworking, and unwanted waste to a minimum.

All inspection results are saved for documentation purposes in an integrated database for each seam and component. The captured data ensures seamless traceability and serves as an excellent basis for analysis. By linking this data intelligently, processes can be optimized and costs can be reduced, while maintaining a consistently high level of quality at the same time. This is essential if companies want to stay ahead of the competition.

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