Average Speed Enforcement

Point-to-Point Average Speed Enforcement

Conventional speed enforcement systems work in fixed locations, and can positively impact traffic safety there. Point-to-point average speed enforcement systems permit the monitoring of entire sections of road where there are frequent speed violations. VITRONIC's POLISCAN SECO uses automatic number plate recognition to record vehicles entering and leaving the road section, and calculates their average point-to-point speed. This not only improves road safety on particularly dangerous stretches of road, but also identifies speeders who brake just before a fixed checkpoint.


  • Speed enforcement on dangerous sections of road
  • Greatly improved traffic management when combined with variable-message signs
  • Can be combined with ANPR and toll applications
Average speed enforcement across two lanes with POLISCAN SECO
Average speed enforcement across two lanes with POLISCAN SECO

Tunnels, Hills, Long Straights

Average speed enforcement is particularly effective in improving road safety where excessive average speeds over long stretches constitute a potential hazard - for example in tunnels, on inclines and on long bends and straights. With POLISCAN SECO point-to-point measurements, driving behavior on these sections can be effectively controlled. Continuous traffic enforcement results in a more consistent speed and makes dangerous sections far safer.

Traffic Management with Variable-Message Signs

POLISCAN SECO is based on VITRONIC's latest vehicle identification platform. This enables the system to distinguish between vehicle types and monitor differentiated speed restrictions. For example, when hooked up to variable-message signs, POLISCAN SECO also enables the traffic flow to be controlled variably. Sections which are prone to congestion can be eased during peak periods. Trucks can be assigned lower speed limits on hazardous stretches.

Can be Combined with ALPR and Toll Applications

Because POLISCAN SECO vehicle recognition is based on an automatic number plate recognition system, it can be supplemented by ANPR applications such as matching against search lists, bans on through traffic and access restrictions, for example for hazardous transports. Toll applications can also be combined with the flexible system.
POLISCAN SECO is not available in every country.

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POLISCAN SECO monitors average speed on road sections flexibly, accurately and with high detection rates.

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