Flexible Urban Toll Solutions

Toll systems for modern cities present operators with very specific challenges. Compared with tolling on freeways and highways, urban traffic is far more complex: cars, motor bikes, vans and trucks share the road with bicycles and pedestrians. At the same time, changing conditions such as road works and parking cars complicate detection. Nonetheless, all vehicles need to be reliably detected and classified. Moreover, the comparative restriction on space demands compact systems that do not need to be mounted on extensive gantries.  VITRONIC's TOLLCHECKER CITY urban toll solution meets all these requirements - the flexible system combines robust, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) with laser-based vehicle detection.


  • Can be deployed for any urban tolling scenario, such as congestion charging, road user charging and toll rings
  • Flexible system can be easily adapted to the toll zone
  • Tolling based on traffic and time of day
  • Compatible with different charging methods such as post-pay, tags and OBU
TOLLCHECKER CITY detects and classifies vehicles in free-flowing traffic.
TOLLCHECKER CITY detects and classifies vehicles in free-flowing traffic.

Number Plate Recognition in Free-Flowing Urban Traffic

TOLLCHECKER CITY benefits from the compact but high-performance camera modules of VITRONIC's latest vehicle identification platform. Installed on standard masts, cantilever arms or gantries, the system enables charge rings and zones to be set up unobtrusively and cost-efficiently without impacting on traffic flow. TOLLCHECKER CITY can be supplemented at any time by additional stationary or mobile control systems. This means that the toll area can be adjusted, for example to change the charging zones.

Reliable Classification, Uncomplicated Tolling

TOLLCHECKER CITY enables a variety of urban tolling application areas to be implemented. The tried and tested 3D vehicle classification system reliably differentiates between individual vehicle types in order to be able to implement a pricing differential for road use charging. The camera-based detection system works independently of the chosen tolling type, and supports back office processes as well as tags and on-board units.

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  • Toll system for free-flowing traffic
  • Installation on a single mast with no in-road equipment
  • Automatic number plate recognition including foreign number plates
  • Addition of further functions and areas possible
  • Operationally-oriented, reduced cost maintenance concept



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