Traffic Enforcement

Laser-Based Systems enhance Traffic Safety and provide effective Traffic Enforcement

When it comes to road safety, maximum precision is key. VITRONIC systems for road safety use cutting-edge laser technology throughout. Our LIDAR-based POLISCAN systems for automated speed and red light enforcement capture violations reliably and across multiple lanes. Even in heavy traffic, POLISCAN systems can detect all vehicles simultaneously, which enables effective traffic enforcement. VITRONIC has been pioneering this technology and become the market leader in road safety systems in many parts of the world.

Average Speed Enforcement

POLISCAN SECO detects vehicles entering and leaving a road section and calculates their average speed. This helps improve road safety on particularly hazardous stretches of road and efficiently control traffic flow, especially when combined with variable-message signs.

Red Light Enforcement

Laser-based POLISCAN REDLIGHT systems do not require loops or sensors near stop lines for red light enforcement. Their flexible housing enables monitoring in one or two driving directions with freely selectable orientation. To further improve road safety near intersections, POLISCAN REDLIGHT systems can be combined with a speed enforcement system.

Speed Enforcement

POLISCAN SPEED is VITRONIC's solution for fixed-checkpoint, stationary, or mobile speed enforcement. The laser-based systems have a high capture rate, are multi-lane- and multi-target-capable, and automatically classify trucks and passenger vehicles.

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Traffic Enforcement for Safer Roads