Fixed speed enforcement with COMPACT CITY HOUSING

VITRONIC's COMPACT CITY HOUSING is the compact solution for multi-lane, fixed speed enforcement in one direction of traffic. Inspired by the innovative design of the CITY DESIGN HOUSING, the solution uses non-invasive measuring technology that enforces traffic from an elevated position up to three meters in height.

Compact city housing

Installation height protects the system from vandalism

The COMPACT CITY HOUSING offers an economical alternative for measurement sites with fewer lanes. The housing is optimized for mounting a single measuring system from the latest generation of POLISCAN FM1. Thanks to its slender design and small footprint atop a pole, it is also ideal for sites where space is limited such as on the sidewalk or at the roadside. Furthermore, its installation height deters vandalism such as graffiti and stickers. Even pedestrians or obstructions such as vehicles, do not impede measurement.

COMPACT CITY HOUSING offers all the advantages of the tried and tested POLISCAN measuring technology: multi-lane enforcement and a dynamic measuring method with evidential images taken at the optimal trigger point. In-road equipment is not needed. It is also possible to equip the housing with video monitoring as an option.

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