Autonomous Speed Enforcement for Several Days at a Time

The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER from VITRONIC enables long-term or permanent automated speed enforcement at accident hotspots that lack the infrastructure required for a fixed speed camera. These include highways and work zones, as well as areas where temporary route diversions or temporary changes to speed limits are in place – for example, bridges that are under repair or city-center construction areas. The system is also suited to any locations where enforcement with mobile speed cameras is dangerous due to perceived safety risk to an operator.

ENFORCEMENT TRAILER - Autonomous Speed Enforcement for several days at a time
The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER can simply be placed at the accident hotspot, where it enforces speed limits without an operator.

Autonomous Operation

The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER is equipped with an independent power supply based on high-performance batteries, enabling uninterrupted operation up to ten days. If longer speed enforcement periods are required, the batteries can simply be replaced on-site. The measurements are performed by VITRONIC's POLISCAN SPEED LIDAR technology. Its laser-based speed enforcement enables simultaneous measurement of all vehicles across multiple lanes. Compliance with variable speed limits and bans on through traffic specific to certain times, traffic lanes and vehicle classes can also be monitored. An integrated modem transfers the encrypted case data wirelessly and enables remote access to the measuring system. The Enforcement Trailer thus offers a completely autonomous solution for several days of unmanned operation, leading to a significant increase in resource efficiency. 

Quick and Easy to Move and Deploy

The ENFORCEMENT TRAILER can be transported by any vehicle that has a tow-bar. It also has its own remote-controlled drive for convenient positioning at the enforcement site. During operation, the trailer can be fully lowered to ground level. When lowered, the wheels disappear into the armor-plated exterior, making unauthorized movement or transportation of the speed enforcement unit much more difficult. An alarm system additionally protects the measuring technology against vandalism.

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  • Autonomous speed enforcement without an operator
  • Up to ten days of continuous operation
  • LIDAR measuring technology for monitoring multiple lanes and objects
  • Protected against vandalism with bullet-proof exterior and alarm system
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Simple and fast on-site positioning



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