Speed Enforcement

POLISCAN SPEED – LIDAR Measuring Technology
for More Road Safety

Speed enforcement using laser guns and radar traps can only detect individual speeders. Conventional speed camera technology reaches its limits when the goal is to capture all speeders on multiple lanes in heavy traffic.

POLISCAN SPEED sets a new standard for speed enforcement. Advanced LIDAR measuring technology detects, tracks, and clocks all vehicles on all lanes permanently and fully automatically. Depending on traffic conditions, POLISCAN SPEED registers multiple times the number of violations compared to conventional technology. The laser scans the vehicle using a variety of measuring points, resulting in reliable, confident, and precise speed enforcement – and safer roads in the process.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • LIDAR measuring technology offers high capture and low false-positive rate
  • Clocks multiple vehicles on multiple lanes simultaneously
  • Precise identification of violations even if photographic evidence shows multiple vehicles
  • Monitoring of inbound and outbound traffic
  • Works in heavy traffic and difficult measurement settings (curves, work zones, etc.)
  • Variable speed enforcement for different lanes and vehicles classes
  • Additional monitoring of bans on through traffic, lane-based according to vehicle class
  • Integrates with variable-message signs

Measurement even in Difficult Settings

Curves and work zones are typical danger zones for road users. But they are no problem when it comes to automatic traffic monitoring with LIDAR measuring technology. POLISCAN SPEED detects a vehicle's travel path and determines its speed with a high degree of accuracy. Construction vehicles and construction work in the direct vicinity of the lane do not interfere with the measurement.

Speed Enforcement Based on Vehicle Class

LIDAR uses contour detection to automatically classify vehicle types such as trucks and passenger vehicles. This enables speed enforcement for different speed limits based on vehicle class – even for different lanes. POLISCAN SPEED can even control the permanent or temporary opening of individual lanes for certain vehicle types such as buses. Variable speed limits can also be monitored.

Precise Identification of Violations

POLISCAN SPEED clearly highlights speeding violations in the photographic evidence. LIDAR measuring technology determines precisely which vehicle reaches the photo point at which time and puts a frame around its license plate on the photo. This makes it easy and effective for speed enforcement officers to determine if they are dealing with an actual violation.

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POLISCAN SPEED FIXED allows fixed speed enforcement without loops or piezo sensors for up to two travel directions, optimum photographic evidence, and digital incident documentation.


Mobile Speed Enforcement with Fully Automated Detection

POLISCAN SPEED mobil allows tripod- or in-car mobile speed enforcement with low-profile operation. Can also be operated in roadside housing.


Autonomous Speed Enforcement for Several Days at a Time

The Enforcement Trailer from VITRONIC enables long-term or permanent automated speed enforcement at accident hotspots that lack the infrastructure required for a fixed speed camera. 



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