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Smart Mobility
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Smart Mobility

The world is on the verge of a mobility shift. Vehicles control themselves, property changes into sharing and never before have people had so many different means of transport to choose from. What will mobility look like in the future? We take you on a journey.

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30 km/h Zones – an Important Step Towards Sustainable Mobility

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Mobility on the Move

How video-based systems help shape the traffic of the future
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Road Safety Pays Off

Reduction of Traffic Accidents with Enforcement Technology
How mobility pricing will promote a mobility transition
Drawing the mobility map of future traffic
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Greater safety for VRU

Speed cameras, red-light cameras, object detection and agile speed limitations protect vulnerable road users.
Six Experts, Two Continents, One Vision: Is there a masterplan for better Smart Mobility?
Why large scale autonomous driving won’t be possible without a general speed limit
Why a maximum speed limit is a good idea on German roads.
Research project in the Green Smart City Darmstadt
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Urban Mobility

Booming cities, increasing traffic and unhealthy air: Cities, politicians, city administrations and urban planners are thinking hard about solutions to these problems. Can traffic monitoring systems help?
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