At VITRONIC, we have many years of experience in dealing with particularly complex issues. It is not just a matter of simple, technical optimization, but sometimes holistic changes and always with the goal of sustainable and meaningful solutions.

Technology has a special task - to shape our lives for the better. Imaging technology in particular has a mission to shape our lives for a safer and more sustainable future.
Daniel Scholz-Stein CEO VITRONIC Group

That is why we see machine vision technology not as the main driver, but as a tool for machine vision people to help shape big issues such as globalization, mobility, urbanization, connectivity and health, to shape a safe and sustainable world.

When we heard about the "Waldliebe" project, we knew immediately that we had to support this! I’m very proud that all VITRONIC employees, also from the other international group companies in Germany, the USA, United Arab Emirates, France, Malaysia, China, Poland and Australia, are behind it. It helps to make our world more sustainable and safer. For all of us.
Daniel Scholz-Stein CEO VITRONIC Group

On behalf of the VITRONIC Group, we are therefore making a direct contribution and donating trees in the region of VITRONIC's headquarters in the name of each of the 1,300 employees. Taken together with the first planting campaign in 2021, a total of 1,500 trees will be planted and cared for in the Taunusstein forest for climate protection.

An important contribution for the forest, an effective contribution for our environment.

On approx. 6 hectares of former forest area, a new native mixed forest is created, which roughly binds approx. 36 tons of CO2 per year when fully grown. By way of comparison, each German citizen currently emits around 11 tons of CO2 per year, which means that 3.3 people would be CO2-neutral as a result of this forest.

The piece of forest near Taunusstein.

One of the new saplings.

Daniel Scholz-Stein, CEO, and Britta Weiser, Global Marketing Director, in front of the forest area.

Daniel Scholz-Stein planting a tree.

Sustainability at VITRONIC

For us, sustainability is not an end in itself or a marketing opportunity, but a lived reality. As part of our business strategy, we are constantly striving to align our corporate activities more and more closely with sustainable goals. This includes numerous activities related to the responsible use of resources, the environment, energy, quality and occupational health and safety.

Other strategic fields of action in the area of sustainability include value-based compliance to ensure adherence to laws and regulations, the promotion of "lifetime service" to extend product life cycles, and training for employees and customers to ensure personal development as well as the correct use of products.

The long-standing partnership

Enno Uhde, one of the initiators of 'Waldliebe', explains what makes the reforestation project so unique: "From the very beginning, we wanted a holistic concept for the reforestation of the Taunusstein forest. This includes sustainable seedling protection made of wood, irrigation with rainwater stored in a cistern and a solar well pump, as well as the regular monitoring of the newly planted, tender seedlings. After all, this holistic thinking pays into the account for future generations. And that's where VITRONIC is the ideal partner and pioneer."

We are pleased to be able to set a lasting example together.

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