Weld Seam Inspection in Car Body Manufacturing

Premium Quality in Car Body Manufacturing
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Because Your Customers Expect Perfection

  • 100% inspection

Premium Quality in Car Body Manufacturing

A single imperfect roof seam can render an entire car body unsellable– but this is a cost that can be avoided! Weld seam inspection ensures that only perfectly welded car bodies leave your production line. This, in turn, guarantees optimal customer satisfaction and protects your brand image. 

Quality Control

Early Defect Detection

  • 100% error detection
  • 0% slippage

Weld seam inspection reliably detects all welding defects in the car body – on both visible and invisible seams. Even the slightest defects are detected – immediately after the welding process. This means that corrective actions can be swiftly implemented.

The end results are reduced costs thanks to early intervention, satisfied customers thanks to high quality standards, and no nasty surprises caused by late detection of defects.

Automated weld seam inspection is always reliable and objective
Line Automation

Better Vision with Automation

Today’s cutting-edge technology uses automatic welding. Efficiency is increased even further when the inspection of weld seams is also fully automated. The benefits are clear. Automated weld seam inspection is always reliable and objective. Every weld seam is automatically inspected after each manufacturing step and product quality is also documented.

  • 0% slippage
  • 24/7 available
  • 100% objective
Data Analysis

Every Inspection Means Process Optimization

Defect detection in car body manufacturing

The VIRO WSI inspection system from VITRONIC stores the results of all seam and component inspections in an integrated database. From this data, you can immediately determine any action that may be required. In addition, your growing database enables you to initiate effective long-term optimizations and implement these on an ongoing basis.

The goal is to ensure efficient processes, reduce costs, and continuously enhance the quality of car body manufacturing.

VIRO WSI misses no weld seam defect
Weld Seam Inspection

VIRO WSI Misses Nothing

VITRONIC uses laser triangulation technology. This allows laser seams and fine brazed seams to be inspected quickly and with high resolution in 3D. Seam detection presents a particular challenge with flat car body seams. VIRO WSI clearly identifies the tiniest geometric and cosmetic deviations.

Inspection range (a selection)
•        porosity
•        weld width
•        seam interruption

VITRONIC delivers weld seam inspection since 1995
VITRONIC – a Leader in Technology

We’ve Been Finding Solutions Since 1995

VITRONIC welding seam inspection systems have been successfully used by leading OEMs and tier-1 suppliers across the globe since 1995. They regularly rank VITRONIC in first place in internal comparison tests. VITRONIC leads the market in weld seam inspection and sets the benchmark with VIRO WSI.

In Brief

Automated weld seam inspection for car bodies
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Weld Seam Inspection with VIRO WSI for Car Body Weld Seams

In Brief

  • 100% inspection
  • Maximum product quality
  • Process optimization through data analysis
  • Potential cost reductions
  • Avoidance of serial defects
  • Maximum availability (24/7)

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