Weld Seam Inspection in Battery Production

E-mobility: Only flawless battery contacts are delivered through weld seam inspection.
Safe Production

Because Every Weld Seam Needs to Hold

  • 100% automatic seam inspection

Batteries are the new engines.

Weld seam inspection ensures that only Lithium-ion batteries with defect-free contacts and cleanly welded battery modules and housings are delivered to your customers. 

Quality Control

Every Cell Contact is Inspected

Defect-free contacts are essential for powerful, long-life Lithium-ion batteries. Even the slightest deviation can reduce their performance and durability. Weld seam inspection automatically inspects every weld seam on every contact and identifies the slightest irregularities. As a result, only batteries with flawless contacts and high performance data reach the market.

  • 0% slippage
  • 100% automatic seam tracking

Every Weld Seam Matters

Weld seams are an important element in ensuring passenger safety. As a result, rigorous requirements must be met in battery production. In cell housings, the weld seams must guarantee a hermetic seal over the entire life of the battery. Battery boxes, by contrast, are often integrated into the bodywork as a structural element. They must be stable and able to withstand a crash.

  • up to 800mm/s for long seams
Data Analysis

Economically-Efficient Production

Infographic: Many processes can be optimised with the test data from the weld seam inspection

The VIRO WSI inspection system automatically documents all inspection results and stores them in an integrated database. From this data, you can immediately determine any action that may be required. In addition, the aggregation of this data serves as a valuable basis for long-term analyses. Your ever-growing database enables you to initiate effective process optimizations and implement these on an ongoing basis.

Automatic weld seam inspection VITRONIC: VIRO WSI offers maximum inspection performance for all seam types.
Automatic Weld Seam Inspection

VIRO WSI Misses Nothing

VIRO WSI from VITRONIC offers maximum inspection performance for all seam types. VIRO WSI has a broad inspection range that is unparalleled in the market using inspection criteria that can be customized for a variety of requirements and applications. The solution is as easy as possible to use, with many user-friendly functions, such as parameter transfer, inspection program templates, and component visualizations.

Inspection range (a selection)
•        throat thickness (A dimension)
•        seam position
•        seam irregularity
•        object height
•        porosity
•        weld spatter

In Brief

VIRO WSI from VITRONIC: Automated 100 % weld seam inspection for battery production
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Automated Weld Seam Inspection with VIRO WSI for Battery Production

In Brief

  • 100% quality control
  • Documentation of inspection results
  • Data analysis for process optimization
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Potential cost reductions
  • A keener competitive edge

For Taking Away and Passing On

Brochure Quality assurance and process optimization for your battery production
Brochure VIRO WSI - Instead of recalls: Automatic weld seam inspection

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