At the heart of 102 patrol vehicles is Enforcement Bar, which enables automatic recognition of number plates (ANPR) and 15 different vehicle classes. The delivered systems will be used in Poland to enforce payment for the new Toll Collection System of the National Revenue Administration. The system’s technology makes it possible to recognize number plates in four directions. Even at high vehicle speeds, the systemis able toachieve an efficiency rate of 98%.

Our systems can recognize number plates while the patrol vehicle is both parked or in motion, day or night. Enforcement Bar, which is mounted on the roof of the patrol vehicle, recognizes and identifies approaching vehicles that can be traveling at speeds up to 250 km/h.
Michał Żuchora President of the Board VITRONIC Machine Vision Polska.

Enforcement Bar is the all-in-one mobile automatic number plate recognition system. Thanks to the application of an innovative solution developed by VITRONIC, the officers or operators can immediately verify the numbers plate of passing vehicles, parked or in motion, and classify vehicles by size categories. The system transmits the collected data to the Electronic Toll Collection System, where they are checked in database.

Magdalena Rzeczkowska, Head of the National Fiscal Administration, Tadeusz Kościński, Minister of Finance, Funds and Regional Policy and Michał Żuchora, President of the Board VITRONIC Machine Vision Polska with Journalists

VITRONIC has won the tender for the supply of 32 estate cars and 70 self-supporting vans. According to the contract, Ford Focus and Ford Transit Custom cars equipped with Enforcement Bar will be delivered by the end of 2021 to increase road safety in Poland.

Patrol vehicle with office equipment shown with VITRONIC’s Enforcement Bar

Mobile patrol vehicle equipped with VITRONIC’s Enforcement Bar


VITRONIC is the world's leading innovation driver for industrial image processing, enabling its customers to master the challenges of tomorrow.  

The owner-managed group of companies develops forward-looking solutions in the form of specialized products and software for image-based quality inspection, identification and process optimization, ​​which find application in the growth sectors of automation and traffic engineering. 

VITRONIC solutions make an important contribution to helping shape a safe and sustainable world. The existing limits of what is economically feasible are constantly being questioned in order to achieve the highest quality and productivity, for example in the production of automotive and pharmaceutical companies. Worldwide, Auto-ID solutions in logistics centers and at cargo airports, take over the reliable and efficient recording of shipments and thus ensure a transparent flow of goods.  

In the transport sector, VITRONIC offers leading technology for increased safety on the roads, for optimizing traffic flow and for recording road usage.  

Open and honest dealings with our customers form the foundation for jointly exploiting technological and process potential to the full. Joint success forms the basis of long-term cooperation with companies such as B. Braun, BMW, Daimler, DHL, UPS, Toll Collect, Fresenius and Sanofi as well as with public clients. 

Since its foundation in 1984, VITRONIC has been growing continuously for almost 40 years. The current annual turnover (2022) is 208 million EUR and the company is currently represented on five continents in over 80 countries with 1,400 employees.  

Development and production of VITRONIC systems are located at the company headquarters in Wiesbaden. VITRONIC subsidiaries span across all continents, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Additionally, a global network of sales and service partners ensures localized support for international customers.

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