In focus: e-mobility, the industry of the future

Our inspection systems turn your battery into a Bettery.

Our Industries

Our machine vision systems ensure safety, quality and throughput. We have specialized in these industries:


Automatic Inspection Systems for Production


Innovative solutions for patient safety


Our solutions for logistics automation
Innovative solutions for the traffic management of the future

3D Bodyscan

Precise 3D body scanner technology

A Preview into the Future

With our future-oriented solutions, we advance machine vision technology and make it usable for you. That is why we keep a close eye on current trends and developments.
VISIONARY - The Vitronic Blog

Artificial Intelligence in Logistics

Internationally networked markets require transparent supply chains. Growing e-commerce and the resulting increase in shipment volumes can only be handled through intelligent data management. Is artificial intelligence already a reality in logistics?

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the machine vision people
Whether in automation or traffic engineering: With our systems our customers see more. The combination of hardware, data and intelligent evaluation makes applications and analyses possible that were unthinkable until recently. A previously hidden world becomes visible and usable.