7 Applications in Logistics

  • Warehouse and Distribution

    Capturing Incoming Goods

    Automated Processes and Data Capture for Incoming Goods
  • CEP Services

    Capturing of Shipments

    Automated Capturing of Shipments for Parcel Logistics: Read Codes and Characters, Measure Volumes and Weights
  • CEP Services

    Data Archiving and Evaluation

    Parcel Logistics and Distribution: Analyze and Archive Shipment Data
  • Warehouse and Distribution

    Handling of Returns

    Automizing and Optimizing The Handling of Returns
  • Warehouse and Distribution

    Order Picking and Outgoing Goods Inspection

    Data Capture and Documentation in Outgoing Goods Areas
  • Electronics Industry

    SMD Reel Capture

    An Efficient Incoming Goods Process for Component Reels
  • CEP Services

    Shipment Sorting

    Automatic Sorting Solutions for Parcel Logistics
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