The thing I noticed at my first visit here was that everyone from the owner to the trainee, the bistro staff, project manager and cleaners all actually said hello to me. I realized there was something different here.
VITRONIC applicant at their second interview

Despite its size, VITRONIC still radiates startup flair. From its origins in the Stein family’s living room, the company has grown into a steady employer that values all cultures and age groups. Employee confidence is demonstrated by the low turnover rate—on average, just 1.3% (2017–2020).

And one reason for this is that nobody is expected to be seen working 80-hour weeks, flextime applies throughout the company (even in the Production department) and nobody is expected to be available over the weekend, even managers. Burning passion is welcome, but we take active measures to prevent burnout. For example, our Company Integration Management system (Betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement, BEM) and our wide range of social benefits, as well as flexible working models that benefit young families in particular, are acclaimed by people outside the company.

But the greatest secret behind our success as hidden champion and innovative technology partner is probably our approachable management style. Many visitors probably never guessed they were sharing a lift with the company’s founder Dr. Norbert Stein—and quite rightly, too. We’re not interested in vanity—what we’ve learnt instead is how to maintain good internal communication.

Does that sound like just the right combination for you? If it does, have a look at our vacancies and apply right away! Or talk to us if you have any questions.

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Continue to develop our PoliScan Office Pro product group according to internal specifications and customize them prior to deployment.

Solve service tasks in the field of hardware and software for our image processing systems in the logistics area independently and on your own responsibility.

A secure job

There’s nowhere with 100% job security, not even here. But we do offer very high levels of job security. Since 1984 permanent employment contracts have been the norm, with only a few exceptions. After all, security—and safety—is our core business: Our technology makes processes safe in many industries, from the automotive industry to logistics, photovoltaics and battery technology.

But security isn’t just reflected in our culture. The company is flourishing in the booming machine vision industry with no end to our growth in sight. And our wide product portfolio also contributes to job security, with customers coming from a wide variety of industries.

  • 90% permanent employment contracts.
  • 50% of permanent employees have been with us for over 5 years, 30% over 10 years and 14% even longer than 15 years.
  • 95% join us straight from education or training.

Open working and management culture

At a time when the world had barely even heard of flat hierarchies, VITRONIC’s founder Dr. Norbert Stein was recruiting good employees, intuitively letting them pursue their own ideas, getting the VITRONIC team on the same wavelength, creating a sense of common purpose that motivated them all. That was 35 years ago. Ever since then, VITRONIC managers have continued to give employees the flexibility they need and kept the company at the cutting edge of technology.
Dr. Reinhard Koy-Oberthür Member of the company management

Opportunities for development and further training

We are committed to lifelong learning: We ran over 200 training events in 2019. These covered topics from C++ to management training and language courses. Not to mention team workshops on organizational development and health and safety. We help the #MachineVisionPeople gain further internal and external training and discover new areas of expertise.

Do you fancy even more benefits?

  • What about a bike? We offer a bicycle leasing program, “JobRad” (job bike).
  • And while we’re talking about sport: We have various sports groups and an arrangement with a fitness studio.
  • We also organize corporate participation in the J.P. Morgan run.
  • Are you musical? VITRONIC even has its own band.
  • And we have regular family get-togethers, too.
  • We are committed to supporting women in science and business through our partnership with Mentoring Hessen.
  • And let’s not forget: Our bistro is open continuously offering food and drink in a family atmosphere.
  • There are lots more benefits and company groups that we offer as employer!

Let’s meet!

Do you have more questions about VITRONIC and how we work? Need help finding the right job? Write or call us directly!

+49 611 7152 698

Or just find the right vacancy, apply and drop by.

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