Integrity and trust matter to us and are key to our success. This is also reflected in practical terms in our long-standing partnerships and customer relationships. As a locally rooted family business, we actively promote an open culture, which especially has an impact on compliance: Each of our employees is encouraged to contribute to this within their area.

An open culture, where any colleague and any external partner feels able to address even unpleasant issues, is crucial for this. That is why we have established a system that makes reporting non-compliances very straightforward. Because compliance requires more than certification and high standards, it must be practiced every day. We know this.

As an international family company, VITRONIC has built up an outstanding reputation with the public, its business partners and employees. It means so much to us to have achieved this.
Matthias Pörner CFO

Our Most Important Compliance Principles

  • We are law-abiding: We always comply with the laws of the countries where we operate. This is a key component of our business values and applies regardless of any threatened penalties.
  • We are committed to fair competition: We do not consult our competitors about competitive conduct, and we comply with competition protection laws.
  • We oppose every form of corruption and bribery: We do not offer our business partners any unfair advantages, nor do we avail ourselves of these.
  • We provide social engagement solely in the company’s best interests, and we avoid supporting any political parties or mandate holders
  • We comply with the applicable cross-border trade regulations.
  • We ensure a work environment that is free of discrimination, and eliminate risks for humans and the environment.
  • We promote VITRONIC’s interests and avoid anything that conflicts with these interests.
  • We protect the intellectual and material property of VITRONIC and others.
  • We respect data protection regulations and handle personal data in a responsible manner.
  • We document significant business transactions in a transparent and timely manner.
  • We pay strict attention to our partners’ compliance with human rights, fair working conditions, health protection, provisions for export control, environmental protection, confidentiality and data protection.
  • Open discussion: We encourage our employees to address critical issues with confidence and without any fear of reprisals.

You can download our Code of Conduct here. This document contains further details and specific arrangements concerning the guidelines listed above:

Brochure Code of Conduct for Business Partners

If you have any questions or would you like to report a potential violation, please use our dedicated form.

Let us work together to ensure the highest ethical standards and the closest possible compliance.

Everything at a glance

Brochure Further information on the VITRONIC whistleblower system and the complaints procedure (German/English)
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