Capturing Incoming Goods

Employees in automated goods receiving: data acquisition, documentation and fast processes.
Warehouse & Distribution

Step by step to more efficiency in the delivery of goods

  • 38.000goods/h with VIPAC IN-MOTION

What is part of an efficient incoming goods department?

The manual entry of goods, a non-transparent range of goods and even disruptions in the warehouse technology are certainly not part of an efficient incoming goods department. The solution to these problems is: Automate your incoming goods department and accelerate all processes from delivery to putaway. But one thing at a time...


Our Solutions for Your Incoming Goods

Infographic: Auto-ID systems from VITRONIC offer solutions for digitalization in incoming goods.

The incoming goods department must perform well: Complex and error-prone processes should run quickly and smoothly. Auto-ID systems make this possible. The targeted use of data provides additional added value. But see for yourself.


Speed Up Processes

Only automated incoming goods departments can cope with the growing volume of goods. Auto-ID systems automatically capture and measure all boxes that pass through incoming goods—far quicker than if this was done manually.

This gives intralogistics specialists a precise overview of everything that passes through incoming goods and enables them to benefit from smooth, error-free processes.

  • 4,5m/s conveying speed
  • > 99,8% reading rate
VIPAC Auto-ID systems automatically capture codes and plain text on parcels in the goods receiving area.
Automation of Incoming Goods

Capture All Labels in One Pass - All of Them!

More and more goods are arriving on the conveyor belts - now it has to continue fast and without errors. Our Auto-ID solutions automatically capture all information on all labels: All codes and plain text, even if they are damaged, behind a film or difficult to read.

In addition, the systems generate real images of each goods carton and archive them together with the captured data.

The advantages for you:

  1. secure tracking
  2. clarity in case of irregularities
  3. smooth claim management
VITRONIC systems reliably decipher different labels using optical character recognition (OCR).
Automation of incoming goods

Relabelling Sets Standards

As you know, the many different supplier labels present a real challenge. Since these labels are not standardized, they make the processes in incoming goods considerably more difficult.

Our systems reliably decipher these labels by means of optical character recognition (OCR). What's more, new, standardized labels can be printed on the basis of the recorded data.

And then all subsequent processes also function seamlessly and without any loss of time.

Warehouse employees: Fast processes through automation and digitalization of incoming goods.
Controlling the flow of goods

Seamlessly into The High Rack

Every day, your distribution centre receives boxes of various dimensions that have to be stored in the high-bay warehouse. However, the manual entry is tedious and time-consuming.

Our Auto-ID systems determine the length, width, height and weight of all incoming goods cartons as they pass through - fully automatically. Damaged cartons are rejected and do not affect your storage technology.

The more precisely you know the incoming goods, the better you can verify volumes via dimensions or pick pallets optimally. And thus save expensive storage space.

Optimize Goods Management

Data for The Entire Goods Management System

Merchandise management system: Auto-ID systems from VITRONIC provide the data for automated processes.

We think the process through - to the end.

To ensure that you can make optimum use of your warehouse management systems or conveyor technology control, the data obtained flows into your existing inventory management system via an interface. This enables you to initiate further automated processes.

VIPAC System Family

Efficient, Dynamic, and Automated Intralogistics Processes

VITRONIC systems are successfully used by logistics companies worldwide in goods receiving.

VITRONIC’s Auto-ID systems set the benchmark for high-performance logistics processes.

VIPAC systems automatically read codes and OCR and capture the volume and weight of packages, shipments, and goods. VIPAC complete solutions combine these processes in a single system: dimensioning, weighing, and scanning — fully automated, in motion, and at the highest conveyor speeds.

Single Source

Completely Seamless

Infographic VITRONIC Kosmos: VITRONIC's core competence is industrial image processing.

Our core competence is in Auto-ID systems.

All system components—from the hardware to the software—are carefully coordinated by our engineers. We even develop solutions to meet special customer requirements and precisely integrate them for customers. Our customers therefore benefit from seamless systems from a single source.

In Brief

VIPAC systems and VIPAC complete solutions from VITRONIC optimise processes in incoming goods.
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Capturing Incoming Goods: Efficient and High-Performance Auto-ID Systems

In Brief

  • Automate incoming goods
  • Fast, error-free data acquisition
  • Save costs in warehouse planning
  • Data for subsequent processes

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