Handling of Returns

Warehouse & Distribution: Efficient returns processing with VITRONIC saves costs of up to 80,000 euros p.a.
Warehouse & Distribution

Efficient processing of returns saves costs and generates valuable customer knowledge!

  • 80.000€/p.a. Savings potential

Ordering a shirt in five colors or three different sizes to try on: Every single return costs a lot of money and creates great challenges for retailers. It's good that there are automated solutions that record the reason for the return in addition to the address information.

To calculate the cost savings per year, we accepted 2,000 returns per day and 35 euros/hour and compared the manual recording with the automatic recording by STATIC SMALLS.

Automated Processing of Returns

All with One System

VITRONIC Returns Processing: From Returns Receipt to Returns Prevention with an efficient system

The biggest cost factor in the returning business is the acceptance of returns and the identification of the articles. Our solution accelerates and optimises each of these steps: Up to four times faster acceptance of returns and lightning-fast reading of the address label. Our systems even identify handwritten return reasons: valuable customer knowledge to optimize assortments.

With barcode-based returns recording, the cumbersome handling of handheld scanners is no longer necessary.
Returns Receipt

Five Times Faster

The customer has returned the goods, now they must be processed. An Auto-ID system eliminates the need to handle handheld scanners and the inconvenient manual triggering.

The result: shorter processing times and increased productivity.

  • > 400% Efficiency increase compared to manual
Goods on the conveyor belt: returns labels are quickly read out during returns registration.
Recording of returns

Read Return Labels Quickly

When the return label is captured, the return is assigned to the original order. The return is unpacked and the individual items are captured.

The Auto-ID system automatically identifies all barcodes—far more quickly than doing so manually! A further benefit over handheld scanners is that the system creates images of the returned goods and archives them for subsequent process controls.

VITRONIC systems identify all handwritten and typed return reasons - in record time.
Avoid Returns

Identifying the Reasons for Returns

The shirt doesn’t fit! Return reasons are valuable information when it comes to understanding customer needs and optimizing product ranges.

Auto-ID systems offer the highest reading rates in this area too: automated optical character recognition (OCR) captures all handwritten and machine-printed return reasons in one process—far more quickly than when doing so manually.

For comparison

Processing returns with 4 items and 4 return reasons: How long does the employee need?

  • 21s manually vs.
  • 4s with STATIC SMALLS

For Every Automation Level

The higher the volume of returns, the more important it is to process the returned goods as quickly and with as few errors as possible.

Automation using Auto-ID solutions offers both: returns capture that is four times faster and the precise posting of data in customer ERP systems. After all, this is the only way that customers can be refunded the correct amount once returns have been checked and categorized.

  • 900 returns/h
  • 4s capture/return
  • 0s extra for the return reason
VIPAC System Family

Handle Returns Efficiently

VITRONIC's flexible, modular VIPAC system family significantly accelerates returns management.

The VIPAC system family offers you solutions for automated and efficient handling of returns.

Whether semi or fully automatic, as a standard or custom solution, suitable for integration into existing systems, or flexibly expandable depending on the volume of returns—everything can be tailored to your requirements. Talk to us about your needs.

In Brief

Returns Capture with VIPAC Systems from VITRONIC: Automated, Efficient and Economical
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Handling of Returns: Efficient and Flexible Auto-ID Systems

In Brief

  • 5x faster processing of returns
  • smooth claim management
  • high saving potential
  • automatic reading of return reasons

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