Data Archiving and Evaluation

Data analysis for CEP service providers: visualise, archive and evaluate data with VITRONIC.
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Why the Truth Lies in the Shipment Data

  • 100% process control

Only those who understand their data can use it efficiently.

In the field of logistics, huge volumes of shipment data are captured every single day. This must be visualized, archived, and evaluated. To use the data to optimize processes, it must be easy to handle—and that makes the right software essential.

Archiving solutions Parcel logistics: Data archiving and evaluation of consignment data with VITRONIC.

Archive Data

The more complex the data, the more powerful the software must be. The archive is part of our Auto-ID systems. It securely stores the bundled shipment data with compressed images.

The storage volume can be easily expanded and the data storage period easily extended. The safety of the data is decisively increased through redundant data storage.

The data makes it easier to identify shipments, simplifies tracing along the entire process chain, and enables tamper-proof legal for trade (LFT) data in images.


Visualize Data

Auto-ID systems capture huge amounts of shipment data, which our software prepares you in a clear manner.

A key element in this is the user-friendly interface that enables intuitive operation. As a central hub, the software solution bundles together all the important system process parameters and provides detailed real-time evaluations.

This makes it possible, for example, to clearly monitor the package throughput and evaluate it in a targeted manner. This short video shows you how this can look.


Network Sites

Infographic Logistics: How cross-location process analyses are possible with VIPAC GLOBAL ARCHIVE.

The data often comes from different sites, but is not specifically assigned and therefore not transparent. What’s the solution? A global archive system. In this, the software connects the systems from all sites and archives data and images.

This makes it possible to perform process analyses across all sites—the perfect solution for international corporations and logistics companies.

Documentation of incoming goods/outgoing goods: Optimal use of consignment data recorded with VITRONIC software.
Process Optimization

Smart Data

Our software developments enable you to make optimal use of the captured shipment data.

The better your understanding of your data, the better your ability to trigger targeted optimizations: for example, by using read rates to better control your processes. Or by using the data captured on no-reads to trigger optimized error management processes.

In short, data provides the basis for targeted process optimizations and a transparent logistics chain.

Our Solutions

Completely Seamless

Merchandise management system: Auto-ID systems from VITRONIC provide the data for automated processes.

Our core competence is in Auto-ID systems.

All system components—from the hardware to the software—are carefully coordinated by our engineers. We even develop solutions to meet special customer requirements and precisely integrate them for customers. Our customers therefore benefit from seamless systems from a single source.

In Brief

Transparency at last: Data archiving and evaluation of consignment data with software from VITRONIC
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Software Solutions for Archiving and Evaluating Shipment Data

In Brief

  • Flexible archiving solutions 
  • Data visualization
  • Basis for process and material flow optimizations
  • 100% Traceability
  • Transparent logistics chains

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