Shipment Sorting

CEP industry: Automated sortation systems bring greater efficiency to hubs and distribution centres.
Parcel logistics

Automated Sorting Solutions That Grow With YOUR Tasks

  • > 300% efficiency

Sorting Systems for Increased Throughput

Rising shipment volumes, tough competition, and globalized markets: CEP service providers, e-commerce, and providers of warehouse and distribution solutions are facing major and growing challenges. This makes it all the better when their automated sorting solution can simply grow with them.


Automated for Any Requirement

Are you looking for effective, modern, flexible, and economical shipment sorting? Do you need a simple sorting solution to get you started? Or are you expanding and looking for a powerful complete solution for your growing shipment volume?

Whether an e-commerce provider, international warehouse, or global CEP service provider, the solution is automated sorting. This saves you money and increases throughput.

  • 3.700packages/h with VIPAC SMALLS SORT

Improving Efficiency through Automation

Infographic sorting system: VIPAC SMALLS SORT by VITRONIC works so much faster than manually.

Rising throughput demands automation: to successfully compete and enable steady, lasting growth. That’s why the goal must be to use automation to achieve digitalization and interconnectivity along the entire supply chain.

Efficiency clearly improves with every new degree of automation.

VITRONIC sorting systems can handle any volume and sort all parcel sizes and consignment types.
Packages and Goods

Error-Free Sorting

Automated sorting is more advanced than ever: shipments are sorted semi or fully automatically and the shipment data is captured.

Whatever you need to sort, we provide the ideal sorting system:

  • for all package sizes
  • for all shipment types from Maxibriefs to large packages or goods boxes
  • for all sorts of shipment shapes and sizes (irregulars, flats)
Modular System

Maximum Flexibility

Sorting is a dynamic process - the market also demands a great deal of dynamism, its requirements can change in no time at all. The sorting system must therefore adapt flexibly to changes, cycles and circumstances. Our modular sorting systems do this with ease. See in the video how this is done.

Customized Solutions

Solutions from a Single Source

Our customers benefit from a tailor-made customized solution with optimally coordinated hard/software at the best value for money.

VIPAC SORT and VIPAC SMALL SORT are used along the entire logistics chain: as a basic version for small volumes, a stand alone solution in small hubs, or a project-specific sorting solution for maximum requirements in large distribution centers.

VITRONIC´s core competence is in Auto-ID solutions for capturing shipments. As a manufacturer independent integrator, VITRONIC always finds the best and most cost-effective conveyor systems for such solutions.

Turnkey Solution

Best Product

Perfectly coordinated components, high-performance Auto-ID shipment capture, and flexible, modular sorting modules: VIPAC SMALLS SORT is the complete solution for small shipments.

In Brief

A complete solution for Flexible, modular and automatic parcel sortation with VITRONIC - for every volume in eCommerceand recording shipments and parcels in a bird's eye view
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Shipment Sorting: Flexible, Modular, and Efficient Solutions

In Brief

  • Sorting of parcels and smalls
  • Modular system for every volume
  • Shipment capturing and sorting in one system
  • Optimal price/performance ratio

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