Capturing of Shipments

CEP sector: Satisfied customers exist with automated consignment recording and optimal logistics.
CEP Sector

Happy consumers? Only with optimal logistics processes!

  • 38.000packages/h with VIPAC IN-MOTION

Automated recording and faster, smooth conveying processes

What do CEP service providers need? The right systems for automated shipment recording, intelligent data management and the networking of all supply chain processes. And then? The conveying processes in the distribution centres run smoothly.


This Is How We Support Your Shipment Registration

VITRONIC Auto-ID systems for parcel logistics: Certified automatic data, volume and weight recording

Full trucks with parcels arrive in rapid succession before the lift. To ensure that these parcels reach their recipients within 24 hours, everything in the distribution center must function properly and quickly. See here what solutions we offer in this regard.

Address labels on a package: Capture plain text and codes with 100 % read rate by video coding.
Reading labels

Collect All Information

The package has reached the conveyor belt: in less than 30 minutes it will now pass through all the conveyor stations. The address label provides the most important information.

Auto-ID systems read all labels automatically - all codes, plain writing and even Chinese characters on cross-border shipments.

Only very few labels are not machine-readable. They are transmitted as digital images to video coding workstations where they are supplemented by trained personnel.

This guarantees complete recording of all shipment data.

  • 100% Scan rate through Auto-ID + video coding

This is how Auto-ID systems work

Certified volume recording, OCR reading in parcel logistics with a complete system from VITRONIC.
Understanding the Conveying Situation

What Happens on My Conveyor System?

As you know, each package is a data record. All records of your infeed are stored in the database. But you want to know even more: Why was a certain code not recognized? Or: Was the package really damaged?

In addition to grey-scale images of each parcel, you also receive precise colour images of the entire conveyor situation. This provides you with a reliable overview - and relaxes your claim management.

  • 100% Traceability
In data analysis: optimally controlling flows of goods in logistics with certified volume recording.
Controle Product Flow

Optimise The Loading Process and Plan New Hub

The parcels approach the outfeed. Now the capacity of the vans or cargo planes must be planned.

Our Auto-ID systems precisely measure the weight and volume of each shipment. This allows optimal loading of vehicles and saves delivery costs.

Are you planning a new hub? With the exact data of the package spectrum you can put your planning on a solid basis.

VIPAC IN-MOTION system: Certified measurement data for weight and volume, OIML/MID and NTEP compliant
Optimize Invoicing

You Want to Send Invoices Faster?

We know: It is important to you to send invoices to your customers promptly and correctly. To do this, you depend on reliable data.

The measurement data for weight and volume of our Auto-ID systems are certified. And for all relevant commercial registrations: OIML/MID (Europe, RoW) and NTEP (USA).

In other words, you are on the safe side when it comes to invoicing and legal-for-trade.

Packages with hazardous goods labels are automatically and reliably detected by VITRONIC Auto-ID systems.
Identify Dangerous Goods

Safe Handling in The Hub

CEP service providers with fast moving sorting systems or parcel logistics companies for air freight have special requirements: They need to know exactly which hazardous goods pass through the distribution centre.

Auto-ID systems identify hazardous goods labels and control direct sorting according to the label.

The advantages are clear: maximum transparency at the hub, safe environment for operators, no dangerous goods where they don't belong.

  • 100% IATA regulations fulfilled
Logistics 4.0: Optimise processes with VITRONIC Auto-ID systems and certified volume recording.
Implement Logistics 4.0

Optimizing processes with smart data

Our Auto-ID systems provide the data basis for Logistics 4.0 The systems transmit all shipment data to connected merchandise management systems or CRM solutions.

There you can evaluate the data in a targeted manner and use it for process optimisation, for example to improve your internal flow of goods.


From Infeed to Outfeed

Infographic: Automated processes in the hub through VITRONIC Auto-ID systems - from infeed to outfeed.

Auto-ID systems automate and digitalize logistics processes and ensure that goods flow smoothly and efficiently—from infeed to outfeed and from invoicing to sorting and shipping. The systems work quickly, precisely, and reliably.

The benefits are clear: greater throughput, less manual post-processing, and fewer consequential costs.

VIPAC System Familiy

For Every Conveyance Situation

The flexible VIPAC system family from VITRONIC optimises logistics processes in shipment recording.

Our Auto-ID systems set the benchmark for high-performance logistics processes.

VIPAC systems read codes and OCR and record the volume and weight of parcels and shipments. Fully automated complete solutions such as VIPAC SMALLS SORT and VIPAC IN-MOTION combine all processes in a single system - at the highest conveyor speeds.

Single Source

Completely Seamless

Infographic VITRONIC Kosmos: VITRONIC's core competence is industrial image processing.

Our core competence is in Auto-ID systems.

All system components—from the hardware to the software—are carefully coordinated by our engineers. We also develop solutions to meet special customer requirements and precisely integrate them. Our customers therefore benefit from seamless solutions from a single source.

In Brief

Parcel logistics: Automatically capture volumes, codes and plain text (OCR) with VITRONIC DWS systems.
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Shipment capturing for parcel logistics

In Brief

  • semi-automatic to fully automatic
  • from large letters to packages and pallets
  • All-inclusive solutions (DWS systems)
  • adjustable for any consignment volume
  • tailored for every requirement

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