Company values


We attach great importance to working together as partners at eye level - both within the company and when dealing with customers, partners, suppliers and service providers.


Thinking "out of the box" requires courage. It is precisely this courage that makes us innovative and has led to our most successful solutions.


Creative ideas need an openness to the new as a breeding ground. As a globally acting company, we naturally stand for curiosity and tolerance.


Putting yourself in other people's shoes - we see this as the basis for real service and the ability to develop practical solutions.


We like to go the famous extra mile, because we enjoy surprising our customers with the right solution.

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What we stand for

Guiding Principle

Mission and principles
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the machine vision people
Megatrends such as globalization, mobility, urbanization, connectivity and health awareness require courage and a pioneering spirit. As innovation drivers, we enable our partners to master the challenges of tomorrow: We go further where others stop and bring new ideas into the here and now.