Our mission is to make cumbersome processes simpler and quicker with our machine vision solutions. Giving you more flexibility and security, in traffic, healthcare, the automotive industry or logistics, photovoltaics production or battery production. We are guided by your expectations, from your commercial plans to your processes and employee workstations.

Our solutions push the boundaries of the possible and provide you with long-lasting technology and interface solutions that will help you grow over the long term. That’s what we are committed to and that’s why we provide you with a comprehensive lifetime service.

We know the best solutions are achieved by working in partnership. That’s why we focus particularly on communicating on equal terms with customers and one another.

Reliability and safety go hand in hand. Past experience is important here as it helps to build trust and bring it to life. We do this by going the extra mile to find the ideal solution every time. 

The best solutions are achieved by working together. That allows us to take an individual approach to your challenge in a highly efficient way. We develop products at our Wiesbaden location and do most of our manufacturing there, too. It’s “Made in Germany” for the global market.

Our principles

Commitment to our customers

Our thinking and our actions are focused on using the latest industrial machine vision systems and services based on them to contribute to our customers’ success. We do this by carefully noting our customers’ requirements and ensuring that our system solutions and products are optimally geared to meet them. We take a partnership approach to dealing with customers and suppliers.


Our innovative ideas give our customers the technological or operational edge they need. We open up potential markets and secure unique selling points through new products, production facilities, processes and organizational forms. Creativity coupled with entrepreneurial flair is what puts us at the cutting edge of technology.

Long-term approach

Targeted actions combined with cost awareness and profit-orientation allow us to achieve long-term, healthy, controlled growth. We use the resources entrusted to us in a profitably and responsible manner. Continuity in work and pursuit of long-term goals ensure our company stays independent and stays in business. That’s why our customers see us as their reliable, long-term partner.

Employee focus

Maintaining and continuously promoting employee qualifications and motivation is the key to achieving high performance. We treat one another respectfully and fairly, building our knowledge and competence together, in an approach that makes for employee retention over many years. Being actively involved in decision-making processes makes you feel you belong. It strengthens identification with the company and gives people an insight into the common goal across hierarchical and process boundaries. Social responsibility for us means using our company’s capabilities to secure long-term jobs.


The quality of our products and services is vital for customer satisfaction. Every employee takes on personal responsibility for the quality of their work results and is committed to continuous process improvement. Compliance with the relevant standards on quality and environmental management as well as IT security is in our DNA.

Authority to act

We give employees the authority they need in the work environment to make their own decisions. We encourage people to make decisions. They don’t need to seek reassurance at every turn. If someone is capable of solving a problem themselves, they take action on the spot. It helps that every individual is willing to take on work or tasks that may differ from the original plan. People take special care when working outside the usual framework.


Integration, cooperation and networking create a team spirit and a good working atmosphere. When differences of opinion and conflicts of interest arise they are discussed openly by the parties involved. Discussions can certainly be robust, but there’s a solution-oriented approach—even when the starting positions are diametrically opposed. And once negotiations are over, all parties commit to the final decision. Functioning group and team structures with increasingly varied make-ups, particularly in the project business, require open, honest communication and that’s one of the reasons behind our joint success.


Our innovative products enable our customers to maintain and increase their competitive edge. That involves our customers trusting us with a lot of company secrets. Unless we are sure something is definitely in the public domain we automatically treat any information as absolutely confidential, internally and externally.

Equal opportunities

We are a performance-oriented, globally aware company where our employees’ performance and interpersonal skills count regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, disability or other attributes. We always use gender-neutral terms such as “employee”, “customer”, “supplier” etc.

Tolerance and diversity

We are a global, open-minded company. There’s no room for racism and prejudice here. People from over 30 different nations work together successfully at VITRONIC every day all around the world. Tolerance is a fundamental principle we all sign up to. We expect all of our employees to communicate with each other with respect, openness, trust and fairness. Everyone is encouraged to call out intolerance, social exclusion and profiling. We are open to diversity but reject intolerance.


Corporate responsibility and prevention form the basis for our compliance principles. A culture of trust, where we know all colleagues will act responsibly and within the law, has grown up based on a combination of our employees’ personal commitments and the relevant control mechanisms we have put in place. A culture that also helps us to avoid risks, corruption and conflicts of interest.

The foundation for all of this is clear discussions based on trust. That’s how we achieve the quality of products and service that makes us so appreciated by our customers.

It also creates an enthusiasm for innovation, which we know is essential if we are to make products that will benefit our customers. After all, if VITRONIC customers know they will always have access to new ideas and concepts that increase investment security, that can only increase their confidence and trust in the company.

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