Enforcement Trailer

Enforcement Trailer

Flexible Traffic Enforcement at Accident Hotspots and Remote or Hard-to-see Measuring Points 

Unclear curves, secluded roads and construction sites that are difficult to oversee often pose a problem for traffic enforcement: Measurement personnel is at risk at unmanageable locations, and at accident hotspots the necessary infrastructure is often lacking. 

Here, a flexible and mobile measurement system is needed that enables the required traffic enforcement. 

Semistationary Traffic Enforcement

This Is How the Enforcement Trailer Makes Your Traffic Monitoring Flexible: 

This is how the Enforcement Trailer makes your traffic monitoring flexible:

Autonomous Operation 

Take the strain off your measuring officers and still secure any accident blackspot flexibly and quickly – up to ten days at a time, completely autonomously.  

The Enforcement Trailer is equipped with an independent power supply that allows uninterrupted measurement operation for days on end. What's more, its high-performance batteries can be replaced directly on site – and operations continue. 

The Enforcement Trailer can be flexibly positioned at accident hotspots.

Ready, Set, Go 

To ensure that you can really use the Enforcement Trailer anywhere, it can be towed by almost any motor vehicle with a trailer coupling and conveniently adjusted on site using a remote-controlled drive.   

In addition, a modem can be integrated for wireless case data transmission and remote access to the measuring system. As a result, the data comes to you, so to speak – no matter how isolated the measuring point may be. 

Safely invested in the Enforcement Trailer

Safe Investment 

Semistationary traffic enforcement systems are unfortunately sometimes not operational due to vandalism and have to be repaired or even replaced. In order to avoid such costly downtimes as far as possible, the Enforcement Trailer is protected against unauthorized removal and has a bullet-proof shell whose design provides additional protection against vandalism. Among other things, it prevents climbing and damage caused by liquids. 

The extra safety with the help of automated traffic monitoring.

Level Up Protection 

Would you like to protect your semi stationary traffic enforcement system even more comprehensively against vandalism?  

For this purpose, the Enforcement Trailer can be supplementary fitted with a video alarm system in which sensors continuously monitor a 2-meter area around the trailer. Circumferential LEDs provide extensive illumination and integrated cameras enable video recording. Mounted on the trailer, the system thus supports deterrence and reconnaissance in the event of an incident.  

Fire damage can also be prevented with the help of an aerosol extinguishing system, in which four extinguishing generators fight fires in the interior without harming the components. 

One Solution, Three Application Areas 

One solution and three application areas in traffic enforcement.

Besides safety, ease of transport and autonomous operation, the variety of application possibilities also contributes to the flexibility of the Enforcement Trailer. It can be configured with systems for speed enforcement, such as the POLISCAN FM1, toll enforcement as well as license plate recognition. 

In brief

Enforcement trailer in operation in the city center
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Enforcement Trailer for Semi-stationary Traffic Monitoring

In brief

  • Autonomous measurement operation for up to ten days  
  • Movable with almost any motor vehicle  
  • High degree of vandalism protection 
  • Optional video alarm and fire extinguishing system 
  • Speed measurement, toll enforcement and license plate recognition possible 

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