Sorting Solar Cells

Efficient end-of-line inspection with automatic optical inspection

The Ultimate Test—Detecting Relevant Defects

Your goal is to produce the highest possible percentage of top-quality solar cells. That’s why a precise control step for sorting by color and quality is essential as part of the final inspection at the end of the manufacturing process. Reliable error detection with automated optical inspection (AOI) from VITRONIC ensures that false rejects are kept to a minimum. In this way, we help you produce the best quality in a cost-efficient manner.

Highest sorting accuracy and reliable defect detection

Sorting Accuracy Thanks to Precise Color and Print Inspection

In the manufacturing of solar cells, accurate sorting by color and quality class is a top priority. Innovative algorithms and classifiers optimize color sorting and color recognition.

The best inspection results are achieved through precise color recognition. Only AOI delivers continuously objective information about color deviations.

Efficiency and performance in sorting of solar cells
Efficient Sorting

Color Sorting at Maximum Throughput

You know that manual inspections are less reliable and inadequate in terms of quality. Only with AOI you can reliably detect 100% of color deviations and defects. With VITRONIC, you can perform inspections at maximum performance, regardless of the speed with which your processes are created—optimized color sorting at full capacity.

  • 4000 cells / h
VINSPEC SOLAR for Color Inspection

A Seamless Concept

VINSPEC SOLAR for Color Inspection is an innovative, future-proof inspection system with a modular structure that can be easily adapted to meet individual requirements. The solution uses high-end hardware and is easy to install and operate.

The new software is based on powerful deterministic algorithms and deep learning classifiers. You can use our solution to inspect the front and rear of the cell in high resolution at maximum throughput.

In Brief

high quality and efficiency of solar cells thanks to VITRONIC
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VINSPEC SOLAR—Optimized Color and End-of-Line Inspection

In Brief

  • Precise, effective sorting
  • Reliable end-of-line inspection
  • High performance
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