Generation change at VITRONIC

On March 3, 2020, champagne corks were popping at our headquarters in Wiesbaden. But 35 years of success is not just a reason for celebration, but also for thinking about the future. Despite our growth we are still a family business and always take the long view. That’s why our founder, Dr. Norbert Stein, has handed over leadership of the company to the new CEO, Daniel Scholz-Stein.

Today, we are global suppliers with branch offices in almost all continents. Quite a difference from the year we were founded, 1984, of course. And an anniversary is always a good excuse to look back, too.

Did you know, for example, that we developed the first ever optical navigation system for automated guided vehicles back in 1985? Or that our technology was the first to read barcodes on industrial containers— back in 1986? Or that we were one of the first machine vision companies to bring a system for photovoltaics production inspection to market?

We want to retain the values and spirit we’ve developed in the past, and continue to develop them in the future.
Daniel Scholz-Stein CEO

Norbert Stein before relinquishing his post as CEO

Handing over management of the company

Daniel Scholz-Stein as new CEO of VITRONIC

But our anniversary wasn’t just a chance to reminisce about VITRONIC’s historical milestones. It was also a chance to think about the milestones that are yet to come. “We want to stay at the cutting edge”, said our founder Dr. Norbert Stein as he handed over management of the company to Daniel Scholz-Stein. And he responded by emphasizing the company’s spirit in his speech to the assembled workforce: “We want to retain the values and spirit we’ve developed in the past, and continue to develop them in the future” said the new CEO.

A comment that matched the event in Wiesbaden perfectly as it was designed with the employees in mind. The strapline for the event was “Made Here, for Everyone — From Wiesbaden to the World. Since 1984.” This combination of strong local identity and global player is typical of the company and will continue to inform our corporate culture in the future, too.

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